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GEMINI Sensor with Dual Sensitivity

This RED TECH is introducing the new GEMINI 5K S35 sensor for the RED EPIC-W camera. The new EPIC-W 5K S35 leverages dual sensitivity modes to provide greater flexibility for a variety of shooting environments. Whether creators choose to shoot in Standard Mode for well-lit conditions or Low Light Mode for darker environments, the RED EPIC-W with GEMINI 5K S35 sensor delivers incredible dynamic range and produces cinematic quality images with less noise and better shadow detail.

Key features of the EPIC-W with GEMINI 5K S35 sensor:

  • New 5K S35 sensor that delivers optimized low-light performance
  • Dual sensitivity sensor provides greater flexibility for a variety of shooting environments
  • Seamless switching between Standard and Low Light modes
  • Cinematic image quality
  • Incredible Dynamic Range
  • Ships with IPP2
  • 5K up to 96 fps Full Format
  • 4K up to 30 fps and 2K up to 120 fps using ProRes or Avid
  • Simultaneously record REDCODE plus ProRes or Avid.
  • Up to 275 MB/s write speeds
  • Future-proofed (accessories can be used with all DSMC2 cameras) and available with RED ARMOR-W
  • Full modularity and a small, lightweight design

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