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Introducing the newest member of the RED DRAGON ® family. WEAPON combines optimal color science and dynamic range of the 19 megapixel RED DRAGON sensor with all new built-in functionality and intelligent design. Designed from the ground up to create a seamless and intuitive shooting experience.


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DSMC ® Interchangeable
OLPF Family

We've rounded out the spectrum with the DSMC Interchangeable OLPF (optical low-pass filters) family. New H2O, IR Pass (Color), IR Pass (Monochrome), and Monochrome OLPF options empower you to customize the look of your footage to fit your shooting environment.

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Now in 240GB and 1TB. RED MINI-MAGs are the smallest, fastest, most powerful media option for your WEAPON, RED EPIC ®, or SCARLET camera. Enhanced read/write speeds make RED MINI-MAGs the ideal solution when recording at high frame rates and resolutions with less compression.

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DSMC2™ Jetpack Expander

The DSMC2 Jetpack Expander is designed for handheld operation and other gimbal applications. Boasting an HDMI slot for wireless transmitter dongles, as well as a remote standby power on/off, the Jetpack Expander is the ideal solution for remote control use.

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NAB Show 2015

April 13-16, 2015 | Booth #SL1517

RED AT NAB 2015 - Booth Map


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