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3D Camera Rigs You Couldn't Make Before.

October 20, 2011

Resident Evil

Jeremy Bolt, producer of The Three Musketeers as well as all the Resident Evil movies spoke with recently and talked about how the RED EPIC® is changing the way he and director Paul W.S. Anderson make their movies.

Cameras are getting smaller. We’re about to start shooting this new “Resident Evil” and we’re using the RED EPIC camera. It’s about 50 percent smaller than the Sony F35s that we used on “Resident Evil 4” or even the ARRI Alexa that we used on “Three Musketeers.” What that means is that there are certain camera rigs that you can make for 3D that you couldn’t do before. It was just impossible. Steadicam in 3D is going to become easier. Basically, the cameras are becoming closer and closer to 2D and what you can do with them. It’s all about ease of movement.

Bolt’s comments sync with what John Schwartzman, Director of Photography on The Amazing Spider-Man, told the LA Times Magazine recently:

I can fit five Epics on the hood of a car, and they weigh nothing…. These things are not much bigger than a still camera.

This is important because as that article explains:

Shooting in 3-D, however, requires twin-mounted cameras. Traditional film cameras are often considered too heavy and bulky to mount side by side and still pull off the elaborate crane, handheld and tight-space shots expected of any visually intensive 21st-century blockbuster.

On the heels of this comes Paradise FX’s release of a 3D RED EPIC rig that weighs only 18 pounds naked or 42 pounds in Steadicam mode.

RED EPICs are making it easier for filmmakers to create the kind of movies they want to make. Seasoned action film directors and producers are saying that RED®s are making the previously impossible, possible. And that’s exactly what we’re aiming for.