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James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D

Presented by the National Geographic Society, James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D opened in theaters nationwide last week. Using a RED EPIC MYSTERIUM-X as his primary camera on the Deepsea Challenger – a purpose-built deep-diving submersible – Cameron’s latest documentary takes audiences to the lowest point on the planet.

Cameron’s EPIC MYSTERIUM-X provided him with superior color and detail at his maximum dive depth of nearly 11,000 meters. Even in the harsh, high-pressure conditions the camera was able to stream a live feed from the sub’s forward-facing view-port between Cameron’s knees to a high-definition display in front of his face – all while recording IMAX-quality 5K RAW content.

The EPIC MYSTERIUM-X helped Cameron capture compelling shots of a famous – but largely unexplored – stretch of the ocean floor. To see the results of his dive, and the path that led him there, check out Deepsea Challenge 3D in theaters now.

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The Strain on FX

Depicting a parasitic plague that turns its victims into vampires, The Strain is a mashup of creature feature and procedural drama produced by Guillermo del Toro for FX. The screenplay is adapted from The Strain trilogy, novels co-written by del Toro and American crime fiction writer Chuck Hogan.

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RED BTS: Looks Easy

Posted 14 days Ago

RED BTS: Looks Easy

Bryan Elliot, CEO of The GoodBrain Digital Studios, recently introduced a new web series titled Looks Easy on Entrepreneur’s website and YouTube channel. Shot on a kitted EPIC MYSTERIUM-X, Looks Easy showcases the truth behind activities that seem simple when watched from the comfort of home. The second installment launches today and brings in Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson to show how difficult it is to hit a baseball thrown by a major league pitcher. RED went behind the scenes with Elliot and Wilson to get a closer look.

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RED recently celebrated the Grand Opening of our flagship store in the heart of New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Located at 125 Grand Street, RED’s new building highlights its 150-year history with pieces of its original construction, including two perfect cast iron support arches and red brick facade.

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Freefly DMZ

Recently, Freefly released behind the scenes footage of filmmaker Mark Lewis’ upcoming film that was shot in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between South and North Korea. There are a vast number of restrictions when shooting in the DMZ, but Freefly was given exclusive access through the maze of bunkers – providing viewers with an in-depth experience of what it’s like to navigate this unique terrain. Equipped with a RED EPIC and a MoVI, camera operators were able to create stunning shots that are otherwise not possible in the narrow confines of these surroundings. The transition of the camera from mounted jib to handheld was done seamlessly, in a matter of seconds, creating what Lewis considered to be a “million dollar shot”.

Watch the behind the scenes footage to see the MoVI in action, and take in the unbroken movement caught on RED EPIC, as they move free through the DMZ.

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RED Congratulates 2014 Emmy Nominees

Posted about 1 month Ago

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced their nominees for the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Six series shot on RED received nominations this year – Bonnie & Clyde, Mob City, The Spoils of Babylon, The Originals, Justified, and returning winner House of Cards.

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