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SXSW Film Showcase: Shot on RED

Posted about 17 hours ago

SXSW 2015, Shot on RED

This year marked the 22nd anniversary of the Austin-held conference and festival, South by Southwest (SXSW). It also featured the very first Live 4K Concert Event—streaming the ultra-high definition 4K experience to computers and mobile devices worldwide. The 4K live stream at SXSW was made possible by RED’s EPIC DRAGON and 4K Broadcast Module, as well as technology from other partners including Dell, Intel, Sharp, and more.

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Syfy's, The Expanse, Shot on EPIC DRAGON

Syfy’s newest television series, The Expanse, is scheduled to begin later this year and is shot on none other than EPIC DRAGON. Adaptated from the New York Times bestselling book series written by James S. A. Corey (a pseudonym for writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), The Expanse is set 200 years in the future—at a time when the human race has colonized the Solar System. The series follows police detective, Joseph Miller (Thomas Jane) and ship officer, Jim Holden (Steven Strait), as they track down an heiress to an empire and uncover a vast conspiracy that threatens very survival of humanity.

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RED Digital Cinema is teaming up with Dell, Intel, and Sharp to bring you the first ever 4K live streaming concert event from SXSW. Using industry-leading technology from each of the partners, viewers will be able to experience The FADER FORT in ultra high-definition from the comfort of their homes. EPIC DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON cameras will be equipped with RED 4K Broadcast Modules to live stream the concerts in 4K while simultaneously capturing 6K R3D RAW masters.

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Director Brad Holland from Jack White's That Black Bat Licorice

Music videos exploded in popularity during the 1980’s—with sources like MTV delivering a new multi-sensory experience to fans. This gave artists a new avenue for promoting their work, expressing creative ideas, and interacting with their audience. But the audience still lacked a level of participation.

Jack White’s latest video release for his single, That Black Bat Licorice, takes a revolutionary approach to the traditional music video. White’s new 3-in-1 music video features three independent videos (Two live action and one animated short) rolled into one track. Shot on EPIC DRAGON, the video allows viewers to customize their experience by toggling between the various scenes by pressing keys on their keyboard—offering a unique level of control and participation in the video.

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House of Cards Season 3

Tomorrow, the third season of House of Cards debuts on Netflix—chronicling Frank Underwood (portrayed by Kevin Spacey) and his wife, Claire’s (Robin Wright), continued navigation of the treacherous waters that encompass DC politics. Revolutionizing the way we watch TV—Netflix and House of Cards ushered in a new era of high-quality, cinematic content streamed directly to your home television. The entire series has been shot on RED—enabling the crew to meet demanding shooting schedules and rapid turnaround times—with Season 3 moving from shooting on EPIC MYSTERIUM-X to EPIC DRAGON.

Make sure to clear this weekend’s calendar for the new season of House of Cards.

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RED Collective: Stijn Verlinde

Posted about 1 month ago

RED Collective: Stijn Verlinde

Fostering a career out of hard work and dedication, Stijn Verlinde has worked diligently to make a name for himself within the world of electronic music festivals. As a creator of “aftermovies,” Stijn chronicles the entire Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival experience through an intricate coordination of music and footage from the event. Used heavily to promote upcoming festivals, it’s imperative that Stijn’s videos take viewers on a journey that is enticing and well-timed.

For this profile in the RED Collective series, we reveal how Stijn’s attention to detail and passion for capturing raw emotions has made him one of the most in-demand cinematographers in the industry.

Stijn uses his EPIC DRAGON to shoot motion. Be sure to check out more of Stijn’s work on his Facebook page.

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John John Florence captured by EPIC DRAGON

UPDATE: Congratulations to North Shore local, John John Florence—this year’s Volcom Pipe Pro Champion. Mason Ho, Kelly Sater, and Sebastian Zietz also made it to the final heat, finishing behind Florence—who won his fourth Volcom Pipe Pro this year. If you weren’t able to tune into the live broadcast, you can find highlight reels and photos at Volcom Pipe Pro and World Surf League.

For a complete recap of each heat, visit the Volcom Pipe Pro Heat Analyzer. Be sure to check out Round 32, Heat 4 at 5:34:30 for a closer look at the RED 4K Broadcast System in action—and stay tuned for footage and updates from our REDirect® 2015 competitors.

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Better Call Saul Premieres on AMC

Posted about 1 month ago

Better Call Saul Premieres Feb 8th, Shot on RED

Better Call Saul is the highly anticipated spin-off from Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan. Scheduled to premiere on February 8th, Better Call Saul is a story of the “trials and tribulations” of criminal defense lawyer, Saul Goodman (played by actor, Bob Odenkirk), six years prior to the Breaking Bad storyline. Shot on the EPIC DRAGON, the ‘prequel’ is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico and follows Goodman—known then as Jimmy McGill—during his career as a public defender.

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Jerome Dolbert takes RED EPIC-MYSTERIUM-X into the rainforest

Every day more of South America’s rainforests and wildlife disappear due to the effects of deforestation, gold mining, and mercury pollution—spurred on by global industrialization and other regional economic factors. To document and raise awareness about the irreversible damage occurring on a daily basis, Jérôme Dolbert of Naiade Pictures set out into remote areas of the Peruvian rainforest with an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X. He trekked into the rainforest by foot and canoe with the EPIC, a handful of Optimo lenses, and supporting camera equipment—weighing over 80 kg (176 lbs). Dolbert’s trip lasted 25 days and spanned over 700 kilometers (430 miles) of Peru’s untamed rainforest.

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