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RED BTS: The Mint 400

Posted over 2 years ago

Behind the Scenes of The Mint 400

Go behind the scenes with RED as we explore The Mint 400, North America’s oldest active off-road desert race. Among the most grueling challenges in racing, The Mint pits drivers in twenty vehicle classes against 100 miles of desert—and each other.

The race—defunct between 1998 and 2008—was revived when Mad Media owners Matt and Josh Martelli purchased it from the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts Group.

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Behind the Scenes as Chip Yates breaks records

Chip Yates designs and races electric motorcycles, winning AMA championships and setting world records with his own creations. He has also taken his designs to the air, creating a fleet of powerful electric airplanes that feature the type of scorching speed that continues to put him in the record books.

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RED BTS: Tempt Media

Posted about 3 years ago

RED® accompanied Tempt Media on their trip to Ensenada, Mexico to cover the Baja 1000. The resulting footage from both Tempt and RED crews is a stunning demonstration of cameras versus the elements. Through rain, dust, heat, sweat, and blood, Tempt covered all 1300 miles of the race from the air and the ground. RED was with them the whole way and captured great moments with the crew as they discussed their team, their gear, and their work.

Tempt Media has even more great RED coverage on their site.

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RED BTS: Uncle Toad's Media Group

Posted about 3 years ago

RED Behind the Scenes of Uncle Toad's Media Group

Uncle Toad’s Media Group (UTMG) has been shooting surfing events for nearly a decade. As they’ve increased their reach, they’ve improved their tools. From cutting-edge mobile DIT/editing stations to their choice of camera, UTMG is constantly improving their capture and workflow. The week before they headed to Hawaii to cover the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, RED® spoke with Jordan Velarde and Chris Steblay about their process, their history and their recent success shooting the US Open of Surfing on RED cameras.

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RED BTS: Corridor Digital

Posted over 3 years ago

Corridor Digital Behind the Scenes

Corridor Digital made a name for themselves creating cinema-quality fan films on YouTube. Their first viral hit, Frozen Crossing, was shot on RED ONE®. A year later, the company acquired a SCARLET-X® and continued their impressive run of short films. Routinely racking up millions of views, Corridor currently has 2.3 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and has developed into a full-fledged production company.

RED® went Behind The Scenes with Corridor Digital on a pirate ship where they were filming their latest fan film set in the world of Assassin’s Creed. AC4: The Devil’s Spear was shot on a RED EPIC® and a SCARLET®. Their work takes cues from video games, music videos and action films to speak in the language of the web while bringing a theatrical vision to their work.

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RED BTS: Stage 5 TV

Posted over 3 years ago

Stage 5 TV Behind the Scenes

Stage 5 TV — the video channel of Red 5 Studios, makers of the MMORPG Firefall — recently undertook the ambitious effort to create a cinematic live-action trailer for Firefall in full theatrical glory. The result is something greater than the sum of its parts. Full of eye-popping effects and tense dramatic scenes, the four-and-a-half minute trailer either brings video games into real life or puts viewers directly into a video game — whichever way you want to look at it.

RED® was behind the scenes with their crew at Laurel Canyon Stages where they shot the trailer in practical sets and on green screen. Red 5 Studios CEO and Chief Creative Officer Mark Kern and Stage 5 TV director Noah Eichen spoke about the history of Stage 5 and their use of RED cameras to capture everything they shoot — action sports, fashion, talk shows, cinematic trailers.

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