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CNN Uses RED to Capture Presidential Candidates In a Whole New Light

November 24, 2015

RED and CNN Capture Presidential Candidate Cinemagraphs

RED and CNN recently teamed up with famed photographer Nigel Parry to deliver a unique perspective of the presidential primary debates. CNN wanted to push beyond the formalities that are typical of the images captured during political debates and appeal to their ever-growing social media base. EPIC DRAGONs provided the perfect solution for Nigel to deliver on this vision by capturing the presidential candidates through the innovative image format of cinemagraphs—a portrait that incorporates subtle, repeating movement.

Shot in a dark room, the cinemagraphs brought the candidate portraits to life by rotating a single light source across their face. This transition from light to shadows brought out nuanced features and facial movements as each subject sat for their photo. The EPIC DRAGON’s simultaneous capture capabilities for both motion and stills provided the perfect workflow on set. RED’s innovative recording format, REDCODE® RAW, allowed for seamless editing of the cinemagraphs before posting on CNN’s Instagram account, all while high-resolution portrait stills were secured for use throughout the duration of the presidential campaign.

The cinemagraphs’ blend of motion and stillness produced images rich with personality and individuality, providing viewers with an unique experience when viewing each portrait:

“RED is the most powerful and intimate camera on the market,” said Ed O’Keefe, Vice President of CNNMoney and CNN Politics. “We captured personal and captivating images of the people vying for the most powerful job in the world. This is a moving portrait – intentionally challenging the distinction between motion and still. The objective was to capture the imagination of the electorate, introducing each of the presidential contenders with a precisely shot, beautiful, premium, and stunning portrait. RED and CNN have produced the first cover shoot for the mobile-social generation.”

Visit CNN’s Instagram profile to see the candidates in action.