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FoolControl and the RED Third Party Development Program

May 27, 2015

RED Third Party Developers, foolcontrol

RED Digital Cinema’s Third Party Development program and Software Development Kit (SDK) offerings allow enthusiasts and developers to create custom applications and resources to communicate and interface with RED cameras. There are a number of applications available on digital marketplaces, like the Apple App Store, that expand the realm of possibilities for your RED workflow. The third party application foolcontrol is just one example of the third party development program in action.

At NAB 2015, RED had the opportunity to work with Mikael Lubtchansky, the creator of foolcontrol, and work with the latest versions of the desktop and mobile applications. Foolcontrol is a powerful application for OS X and iOS that provides intuitive controls and features for RED cameras—right from your computer or smartphone. Compatible with SCARLET, EPIC, and the recently announced WEAPON®—foolcontrol offers easy-to-use settings to manage virtually every major parameter available on RED cameras. It even offers features for wireless lens control and more—enabling you to customize the way you shoot with RED. Using foolcontrol with EPIC and SCARLET BRAINs requires the RED COMMAND PROTOCOL (R.C.P.) Bridge (part of the R.C.P. Development Kit) for wireless functionality—or a LEMO-TO-CAT5E Ethernet Cable to connect the camera to your computer.

Join the growing number of camera professionals in the RED community using third party developer tools to enhance their workflow with applications like foolcontrol. Learn more about the R.C.P. Developer’s Kit on our Developer’s Page and free yourself from cables with the R.C.P. Bridge and new WEAPON.

Foolcontrol for iOS is available on the Apple App Store. Foolcontrol for OS X can be purchased on the foolcolor website at