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Jack White Breaks the Mold. Again.

March 04, 2015

Director Brad Holland from Jack White's That Black Bat Licorice
Brad Holland (Director, That Black Bat Licorice)Photo Courtesy of Third Man Records

Music videos exploded in popularity during the 1980’s—with sources like MTV delivering a new multi-sensory experience to fans. This gave artists a new avenue for promoting their work, expressing creative ideas, and interacting with their audience. But the audience still lacked a level of participation.

Jack White’s latest video release for his single, That Black Bat Licorice, takes a revolutionary approach to the traditional music video. White’s new 3-in-1 music video features three independent videos (Two live action and one animated short) rolled into one track. Shot on EPIC DRAGON, the video allows viewers to customize their experience by toggling between the various scenes by pressing keys on their keyboard—offering a unique level of control and participation in the video.

RED had the opportunity to speak with Director, Brad Holland of Third Man Records—who worked with Jack White and James Blagden to create the music video for That Black Bat Licorice.

“The video was originally going to be just the animated version—Jack had the idea for the 3-in-1 concept. We kicked around a bunch of ideas and eventually decided to shoot a “live” version of the animated video… I had filmed a bunch of slow motion test footage of my friends headbanging and dancing. I showed some of that stuff to Jack and he thought it would be cool to refilm it and have that be the third video."

Holland also spoke about his collaboration with the directors of the other three videos—to ensure that all projects came together into an effective and unique video.

“The animated video was close to being finished when we filmed the other two videos. During shooting, we would refer to the animated video framing. I shot these in 6K resolution so i had some room to crop and reframe in post.”

Holland went on to speak about working with the EPIC DRAGON:

“We filmed these on Jack’s EPIC DRAGON and edited to videos at the new edit suite located at Third Man Records in Nashville… I mainly used 24mm and 50mm Canon CN-E primes, also a Canon 24–70mm zoom. As far as lighting, there was an old lamp we used to light Jack when he’s singing next to the George Washington painting. We used a weird orange fluorescent light for the shot where he’s eating the potato chip, otherwise it’s daylight/natural lighting.”

Be sure to participate in the interactive experience at Third Man Records.