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Adobe has released updates across multiple creative applications in Adobe CC, including new versions of Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder CC. Boasting many performance optimizations and added format enhancements, the latest version of Premiere Pro CC adds support for the entire line of DSMC2 cameras—including RED RAVEN 4.5K, SCARLET-W 5K, as well as WEAPON 6K and 8K cameras.

Visit the Adobe Creative Cloud blog to learn more about all of the added features and instructions on how to download the latest version.

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Tim Laman Talks Stills and Motion Capture With RED

Wildlife photojournalist Tim Laman recently embarked on a trip to Indonesia to catalog the courtship rituals of the Red Bird-of-Paradise for the BBC Natural History Unit’s upcoming 4K series, Planet Earth II. Capturing images of these elusive birds proved to be a challenge—not only because of their remote habitat in the upper canopies of the rainforest, but also due to their animated display behaviors. Tim has traditionally shot on a DSLR, but decided to bring a RED EPIC on this shoot so that he could capture both high-quality stills and motion images.

Today, Tim takes over RED’s Instagram account to provide insights into the work that went in to capturing these vibrant animals throughout his month-long shoot and to tease the breathtaking images that will appear later this year in Planet Earth II. RED had the opportunity to speak with Tim about his experience moving from a traditional DSLR camera to RED’s DSMC camera system, and how the EPIC provides multiple benefits over a traditional stills camera.

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Watch Eterna - Shot on RED. Shot by RED.

Debuted in RED’s onsite 4K theater at NAB, “Eterna” was the work of RED employees when asked to “test” RED’s entire line of DSMC2 cameras—WEAPON 8K, WEAPON 6K, SCARLET-W 5K, and RAVEN 4.5K. From screenwriting, practical effects modeling, shooting, and directing all the way through VFX, editing, and coloring—a true RED production.

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NAB Announcements

Posted 11 months ago

RED at NAB Recap 2016

RED’s booth at this year’s NAB event showcases the compatibility of the RED camera system with third-party software and accessories. Partners from across the industry are displaying their products and integrations at the RED booth—including Acecore Technologies, DJI, FOOLCOLOR, Frame IO, Freefly, Gates Underwater, Gyro-Stabilized Systems, Intuitive Aerial, Kippertie, Motorized Precision, Nauticam, NextVR, OFFHOLLYWOOD, RT Motion, Shotover, and Wooden Camera.

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RED Returns to NAB

Posted 12 months ago

RED Returns to NAB

RED returns to NAB in Las Vegas from April 18th-21st. Those visiting the booth can interact with all of RED’s newest cameras, see the latest software and accessories from RED and RED’s 3rd party partners, learn about RED’s intuitive workflow from industry experts, and view exclusive 4K mastered footage in RED’s 4K theater.

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Alexander Jeffery Talks RED Technology

“The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy” marked Alexander Jeffery’s debut at the 2015 Louisiana Film Prize, earning his short the coveted Grand Prize Award. A graduate of the first REDucation, Alexander spoke with RED about his introduction to the RED ecosystem and why shooting digital has become the perfect format for him.

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