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RED Dives Deep on Mission 31

Posted 6 months ago

In a 400sqft undersea laboratory off the coast of the Florida Keys, Fabien Cousteau is making history.

With eight other Aquanauts – and a squad of scientists, technicians, and celebrities assisting from the surface – Fabien has taken up residence 63 feet underwater in marine lab Aquarius. From this reef-side station Mission 31 will attempt to expand our understanding of the world’s oceans and how we can preserve them.

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On June 19th RED President Jarred Land announced that YouTube deployed Google’s VP9 codec for 4K streaming on select channels.

We recently worked with YouTube engineers to enable 4K VP9 encoding, and we are very happy that all new 4K videos uploaded to select YouTube channels will now be encoded with the updated VP9 Codec.

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RED Digital Cinema is pleased to be exhibiting at BroadcastAsia2014, going on now through the 20th. The conference is in full swing at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with RED showcasing the EPIC-M RED DRAGON at booth 4D3-11.

RED will highlight the 6K capabilities of the EPIC-M RED DRAGON for both motion capture and stills photography through coinciding workflow demonstrations. Visitors will experience live streaming of 4K video through RED’s 4K Broadcast Module and have the chance to get hands-on experience with an EPIC-M RED DRAGON.

Kicking off the day after BroadcastAsia, REDucation is coming to Singapore for the first time. Led by Dado Valentic – industry leader on the forefront of color grading technology – course attendees will experience hands-on DRAGON shooting, color grading, color science, and post segments.

For more about REDucation Singapore, visit AV8’s page

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Sweethearts of the Galaxy shoot on RED EPIC

In early 2013, Michael Premsrirat and Dexter Adriano kickstarted their crazy idea of a sitcom about a superhero-obsessed costumer with an identity crisis. Their web series, Sweethearts of the Galaxy, hit its funding goal of $35,000 with some change to spare and the duo set to work turning their script into a 9 episode series — roughly the length of a feature film. The series was shot on a RED EPIC by Hassan Abdul-Wahid. On Saturday, April 5th, Sweethearts screens in the Chaplin Theater at Raleigh Studios as part of the Hollyweb Festival. RED spoke to the filmmakers about the festival and shooting a web series on a tight schedule.

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Pro surfer Luke Davis makes his living traveling the globe in search of the best waves. When he teamed up with filmmaker Aaron Lieber for an impromptu trip to Mexico, the resulting footage showcases Luke’s talent for carving point breaks in some of the most visually stunning locations.

Using a RED EPIC, Lieber was able to not only capture video of Davis as he tore through some of Mexico’s most isolated breaks, but also pull vivid stills highlighting the action and rugged landscape.

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RED Collective: Asgeir Helgestad

Posted 9 months ago

RED Collective: Asgeir Helgestad

Asgeir Helgestad is an award-winning wildlife photographer, filmmaker, and author who has devoted his attention to capturing the natural and environmental essences within his home country of Norway. From the steep Fjord valleys in Hardanger, to the tuxedoed King Penguins in South Georgia, Asgeir has applied his calm, patient demeanor to capture the feelings and soul of the natural world around him.

For the next profile in the RED Collective series, we reveal Asgeir’s passion for wildlife as he treks through harsh winter habitat to capture the everyday lives of wolves, bison, and bighorn [sheep].

Asgeir uses his EPIC to shoot motion and pull stills. Check out his work at

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RED at NAB 2014

Posted 9 months ago


RED Digital Cinema® is pleased to be exhibiting at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, NV April 7 – 10. Throughout NAB, RED® will be showcasing an array of innovations that proves RED® is the best all-in-one option for filmmakers and photographers alike.

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This year’s Sundance Festival highlighted the growing trend of independent filmmakers moving from traditional film into the realm of digital cinematography, as most of the productions this year were filmed completely with digital cameras.

This year, Dear White People, was one of the many projects that were garnering buzz through its inventive means of funding. Filmed on a RED EPIC, the movie pushed the boundaries of what you could accomplish with a limited budget. Writer/Director, Justin Simien, took a nontraditional route by first filming a trailer for the movie using $2,000 to gain funding for his vision. In June 2012, Simien launched an Indiegogo campaign that gained so much traction, it received the first-ever Indiewire Project of the Year Award before filming even began.

The production recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with Simien taking home the U. S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent. While a public release has yet to be announced, the movie’s fan base – “Dear White People Union” – has continued to grow in size and anticipation.

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Royal Caribbean recently made an upgrade to their Navigator of the Sea cruise ship, adding a virtual balcony to each of their interior staterooms. The virtual balcony consists of an 80 inch HD display featuring a live feed from RED EPICs positioned on the stem and the stern of the cruise ship. Durability was a huge concern for the project, since the cameras would have to provide a consistent feed while exposed to the elements – including sun, salt water, and wind.

Whether the cabin’s “balcony” faces the front or the back of the boat determines if they display the video from the camera mounted on the bow or stern. By displaying the frontal view on a forward facing screen, passengers are less likely to experience sea sickness since the physical motion mirrors what they’re looking at.

Mounted with a wide angle lens, the RED EPICs provide a panoramic view that allows customers to feel like they’re experiencing the most coveted views on the ship first hand. While some may consider an inner stateroom to be less than ideal, those passengers will now be able to take in every sunrise and sunset in HD.

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