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The second annual Shot on RED Film Festival was held December 5th, 2013 at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California. Taking home the Festival Prize – which includes the EPIC-X MYSTERIUM-X PRO COLLECTION, an Nvidia K6000 card, a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, and a Sharp 4K Panel – was “Close” by Johan Lehman and Jon Lindroth from Sladgeproduction. RED spoke to Johan about the film and the win. “Close” had a unique beginning:

This project started completely backwards actually. The local fire department was going to burn down an old house. So they contacted us and asked us if we wanted to take the opportunity to shoot something. Of course, we had to shoot something. But what? So the brainstorming started. We had two weeks to set everything up and get ready because the date when the house was gonna burn was set in stone.

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RED BTS: Tempt Media

Posted 9 months ago

RED BTS: Tempt Media

RED accompanied Tempt Media on their trip to Ensenada, Mexico to cover the Baja 1000. The resulting footage from both Tempt and RED crews is a stunning demonstration of cameras versus the elements. Through rain, dust, heat, sweat, and blood, Tempt covered all 1300 miles of the race from the air and the ground. RED was with them the whole way and captured great moments with the crew as they discussed their team, their gear, and their work.

Tempt Media has even more great RED coverage on their site.

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RED Congratulates Behind the Candelabra on its Golden Globes Wins

Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra took home the Golden Globe for Best TV Movie or Miniseries last night. In addition, Michael Douglas won Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie for his portrayal of Liberace. Robin Wright won Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama for her work on House of Cards.

Both House of Cards and Behind the Candelabra were shot on RED cameras. RED looks forward to more amazing work from these creators and congratulates all the winners from last night.

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RED BTS: Uncle Toad's Media Group

Posted 10 months ago

RED Behind the Scenes of Uncle Toad's Media Group

Uncle Toad’s Media Group (UTMG) has been shooting surfing events for nearly a decade. As they’ve increased their reach, they’ve improved their tools. From cutting-edge mobile DIT/editing stations to their choice of camera, UTMG is constantly improving their capture and workflow. The week before they headed to Hawaii to cover the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, RED spoke with Jordan Velarde and Chris Steblay about their process, their history and their recent success shooting the US Open of Surfing on RED cameras.

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RED Collective: Patagonia

Posted 11 months ago

RED Collective: Patagonia

Patagonia has not only established themselves as the leader in outdoor clothing and gear but also set the standard for what it takes to be an environmentally responsible company. They do so by continuously implementing new technologies to reduce their impact on the environment while donating 1% of their sales to preservation and restoration for the planet. RED is delighted to highlight Patagonia and their talented staff photographer / directory of photography, Tim Davis, in the newest RED Collective segment.

Tim Davis produces videos and photographs for Patagonia’s website and catalog. To capture authentic images of the harsh conditions that their clothes and wetsuits have to endure, Tim travels around the world to shoot Patagonia’s Ambassadors (professional athletes) which include such big name surfers as: Gerry Lopez, The Malloy Brothers and Kohl Christensen. Tim is currently shooting on a light-weight SCARLET-X package.

For more information on Patagonia, please visit their website at:

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Oliver Stone’s newest commercial for the World Cup is a multi-layered take on bringing the excitement and passion of the live game to an ad. To capture that excitement, Stone and his crew turned to RED and MoVI from Freefly.

In the video above, cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto talks about their use of MoVI to get into the game itself. This MoVI / EPIC combo is ideal, as Preito says, for

…unusual shots that really are only achievable with this — with a small unit that can go through things, that can change its height. It will really change the way that shooting sometimes happens.

From complicated aerial shots to allowing an actual player to carry the rig, the MoVI handheld gimbal and EPIC combination gave the filmmakers the tools to put the viewer onto the field.

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RED Collective: DGWB

For the second installment of RED Collective, RED spotlights Aron Paul Orton – director/editor for Orange County’s largest independent ad agency, DGWB. Aron has integrated in-house technology while maximizing his team’s talents to offer DGWB’s clients with premium work. For most jobs, Aron shoots with a light-weight SCARLET-X package while working in Adobe Premiere Pro. When higher frame rates are needed, his camera of choice is the EPIC.

For more information on DGWB and to view their work, please visit their website at:

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RED BTS: Corridor Digital

Posted about 1 year ago

Corridor Digital Behind the Scenes

Corridor Digital made a name for themselves creating cinema-quality fan films on YouTube. Their first viral hit, Frozen Crossing, was shot on RED ONE. A year later, the company acquired a SCARLET-X and continued their impressive run of short films. Routinely racking up millions of views, Corridor currently has 2.3 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and has developed into a full-fledged production company.

RED went Behind The Scenes with Corridor Digital on a pirate ship where they were filming their latest fan film set in the world of Assassin’s Creed. AC4: The Devil’s Spear was shot on an EPIC and a SCARLET. Their work takes cues from video games, music videos and action films to speak in the language of the web while bringing a theatrical vision to their work.

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Behind the Scenes of White Walls

After taking home 3 Video Music Awards from MTV for videos shot on RED cameras, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis could have rested on their laurels a bit. Instead they wasted no time in releasing White Walls — another ambitious music video celebrating Cadillacs and a cross-section of their eclectic owners. The 6 minute video was shot over 14 days in several different locations in Los Angeles and Seattle.

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