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RED Enters Space Act Agreement with NASA

UPDATE: The EPIC DRAGON began its journey to the International Space Station (ISS) at 4:47AM ET on Saturday, January 10th. Aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, the camera successfully arrived this morning at 8:56AM ET along with necessary supply items and various experiments.

RED Digital Cinema is pleased to announce it has entered a Space Act Agreement with NASA. A NASA Space Act Agreement is the primary vehicle for NASA to partner with third-parties that allows them to have access to wider range of technologies than is currently available within NASA.

The mutual interest between RED and NASA first began shortly after RED began shipping its first camera, the 4K RED ONE®, back in 2007. Since that time, RED has participated with NASA capturing a variety of rocket and shuttle launches in 4K and above.

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NVIDIA Sets Gaming Record on 4K Display

Posted over 3 years ago

nvidia sets gaming record on 4k display

You’ve probably been content playing those video games you got for Christmas on the big screen at home—but you might have a serious case of envy after seeing NVIDIA’s latest world record. To celebrate the launch of their new GTX 980, the GeForce crew—Game24—ventured to the Churchill Downs Racetrack in Kentucky to set the Guiness World Record for “Largest 4K Screen Used in a Video Game Competition”.

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The Volvo XC90 Virtual Test Drive

Posted over 3 years ago

Volvo Reality - Test Drive

The 2015 XC90 is Volvo’s latest luxury crossover—and it represents a significant transformation for the automotive company. The Swedish car company recently promised a renewed and aggressive approach to product offerings by getting back in touch with their roots and core values. The XC90 is the first major model refresh of the automaker’s plan to revamp its entire lineup. As a worthy launch campaign for the first new vehicle, Volvo teamed with creative firm R/GA to develop a unique way to share the excitement, elegance, and refinement of the XC90. And more—it’s shot on RED.

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Joby Ogwyn Prepares for Perfect Flight: Return to Everest

The highly anticipated new film, Perfect Flight: Return to Everest, began principal photography earlier this year. The upcoming release starring wing-suit daredevil, Joby Ogwyn, will take viewers on a birds’ eye adventure as he and others soar through destinations in the Swiss Alps. Along for the ride with the Perfect Flight team is the EPIC-M RED DRAGON (Carbon Fiber). With its ability to capture up to 6K resolution at frame rates exceeding 100 fps—the EPIC-M RED DRAGON (Carbon Fiber) is uniquely suited for high-speed action sports, giant screen productions, and 4K distribution.

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RED Congratulates 2015 Golden Globe Nominees

The 2015 awards season continued to gain momentum on Thursday morning with the announcement of the nominees for the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards.

David Fincher’s Gone Girl received four nominations, including individual nominations of David Fincher for Best Director – Motion Picture and Rosamund Pike in the category of Best Actress In A Motion Picture, Drama.

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BBC and Sega Develop Orbi with EPIC RED DRAGON

RED recently had the opportunity to speak with representatives from BBC and the Director of Photography (DP) for a unique and innovative new large screen theatre experience. For several years, BBC Earth and Sega have been collaborating and developing a high-tech nature ‘theme park’ that delivers a fun, educational adventure for the whole family. Orbi, as it’s called, features a variety of diverse exhibits that simulate some of Earth’s most awe-inspiring views and environments—providing a new level of interaction and understanding of our planet. Equipped with 3D image projectors, environmental chambers, multi-sensory 360° viewing rooms, and more—Orbi is the first of its kind and is developing new media and exhibit formats to bring the story of Earth to life.

The main attraction at Orbi, and perhaps the most groundbreaking, is the Earth theater (also known as Theater 23.4)—a massive viewing auditorium with seating for 350. The theater screen towers two stories in height over onlookers and wraps 40 meters across, encompassing the audience in the 180° viewing surface. The theater is also outfitted with two rear screens, a 3D sound system, and equipment that generates wind, fog, vibrations, and even smells to complete the experience.

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REDirect Vitetta Wet Dream

On Thanksgiving, The Berrics posted an exclusive 24-hour preview to Federico Vitetta’s short film, Wet Dream. Originally introduced to RED cameras during the Berrics-RED REDirect® Skate competition, Vitetta decided to shoot his short film completely on an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X. Chronicling Gino Iannuci and his friends as they skate throughout Los Angeles, Wet Dream highlights the versatility of the RED camera through high action shots, well executed visual effects, and a vivid underwater sequence.

Be sure to check out Wet Dream when it releases to the public on December 9th on iTunes and Amazon.

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The Knick Shot on EPIC DRAGON

In 2013, Steven Soderbergh announced that he would be taking a step back and retiring from the spotlight of Hollywood film directing. But since his exodus to “retirement”, Soderbergh has been anything but quiet—directing a Broadway play (The Library), editing and re-cutting his own movie reinterpretations (Psychos and Heaven’s Gate: The Butcher’s Cut), even writing and tweeting an entire novella (Glue)—140 characters at a time. In an interview with Vulture, Soderbergh dangled another carrot in front of his fans and followers, saying “I’d do a TV series if something great were to come along.”

And it hasn’t taken him long to find the series to make his mark on…

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Drunk History Shot on RED

How much do you remember from your history lessons in school? Do you think you would remember more if the professor had been drunk and adding their own insights and opinions? Welcome to your adult survey course—Drunk History.

Originating as a web short project on, creators Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner came up with the comical premise after a friend recounted a story at a bar. They expected a few laughs with friends—and at each other—but ended up with an internet sensation. When Comedy Central picked up Drunk History for a full season in 2013, Blake McClure (ASC) joined the team as Director of Photography (DP). McClure and crew shoot Drunk History on RED’s versatile 5K EPIC MYSTERIUM-X.

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On Friday night, the awards season began with the 18th annual Hollywood Film Awards. Selected by an Advisory Team of Hollywood professionals, David Fincher’s Gone Girl took home the top prize of Hollywood Film Award. Gone Girl received honors in the Hollywood Screenwriter Award and Hollywood Sound Award categories, with Gillian Flynn receiving the Screenwriter Award for adaption from her bestselling novel and Ren Klyce being recognized for his work as the supervising sound editor.

RED congratulates David Fincher and the entire Gone Girl cast and crew for their achievements and wish them the best of luck throughout the remainder of the 2014-2015 awards season.

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