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May 15, 2015

RED Announces Enhanced Apple Workflow

For anyone who was unable to attend the 2015 NAB show—or visit the RED booth virtually via NextVR’s live 3D technologies—here’s a breakdown of the major announcements from RED®. In addition, you can also visit the RED at NAB 2015 page for images and other highlights from the show.


WEAPON is the newest member of the RED DRAGON family

WEAPON® is a completely redesigned BRAIN that unleashes the power of the award-winning 6K RED DRAGON® sensor. Our engineers took all of the best features from RED EPIC® and SCARLET®—and re-engineered a BRAIN that embodies leading-edge technology and delivers the optimal camera operator experience. WEAPON is a smaller, lighter body that boasts a cable-free design with integrated top plate and media bay.

Available in Woven Carbon Fiber or Magnesium, WEAPON features a long list of improvements that include simultaneous R3D® and Apple ProRes recording, faster read/write media speeds (up to 50% faster than EPIC DRAGON), 3D LUT support, integrated dual digital stereo microphones, new intelligent peripherals, easy-swap smart OLPFs, and more. For more information, visit the WEAPON DRAGON Product Page.

For camera owners who aren’t yet ready to upgrade—don’t worry— this doesn’t obsolete your current RED DRAGON camera. WEAPON is just the newest addition to the RED DRAGON family, and EPIC DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON aren’t going anywhere any time soon. RED will continue to support new product and firmware releases, such as the growing family of DSMC® and DSMC2® Interchangeable OLPFs.


When redesigning the WEAPON BRAIN, our engineers went back to the drawing board to consider what next generation modularity means to the overall camera experience. To improve configuration and provide the best experience—we removed I/O connections from the BRAIN® and reduced its weight and footprint. New port expander options promote optimal customization—whether the application is run-and-gun, a studio production, or aerial/gimbal use.

WEAPON peripheral components (such as monitors) no longer need cables—instead mounting directly to intelligent circuitry built into the BRAIN. New LEMO adaptors allow you to mount your existing components, such as RED displays and EVFs, to WEAPON. The new DSMC² Top Handle is designed with integrated circuitry and allows you to toggle recording directly from the handle.

RED also announced two new media capacities for the RED MINI-MAG—now in 240GB and 1TB.


In addition to WEAPON, RED unveiled the next-generation 8K sensor—a new sensor measuring 40.96mm x 21.6mm with an active pixel array of 8192 × 4320. RED’s new 8K format fits within the coverage of a FF35 image circle and even engulfs the full height of the anamorphic format. This means the new 8K format will allow cinematographers and photographers to use a wide variety of both still and cinema Full Frame lenses. RED took inspiration from the widescreen delivery format known as VistaVision when creating the 8K RED DRAGON sensor.

For more information, visit the WEAPON FAQ Page.


RED Announces Enhanced Apple Workflow

RED is proud to announce the implementation of the Apple Prores codec into the RED workflow. One of the most popular video formats used in post production, ProRes codecs offer a high quality intermediate for editing and grading footage. Integrated into both firmware and software solutions, RED shooters now have even more options for streamlined editing and export processes on both Mac and PC.


RED is as committed as ever to manufacturing the highest quality camera products and offering existing customers the most cost-effective way to keep their arsenal current. RED is offering new upgrade paths, including a SCARLET DRAGON to EPIC DRAGON Upgrade (Available through June 2015) and paths for current RED DRAGON owners to trade in existing cameras and receive a credit towards a WEAPON upgrade. For more information, visit the WEAPON FAQ Page. For pricing details visit the WEAPON Pricing FAQ.

In addition, RED also worked with over 25 companies at this year’s NAB show, helping to showcase industry advancements in high definition video distribution including broadcasting and other content delivery methods, optics, stabilization systems, virtual reality, and more.

For more information, visit the RED AT NAB 2015 page or the WEAPON DRAGON Product Page.