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Prometheus, Shot on RED EPIC, in theaters now

June 07, 2012


Back in December, when the first Prometheus trailer was released, Jim Jannard posted on

“OK… here we go. Ridley Scott. Prometheus. EPIC 3D. Trailer due out this week. Incredible.”

“We began this journey to build cameras to change the world. I can’t think of a better payoff for our efforts than to have Ridley shoot and release this movie.”

“Ridley is one of my all time favorites. Blade Runner is my favorite movie. Alien is all world. To have Prometheus “Shot on RED” is such an honor."



Six months later and the moment has arrived. Today Prometheus opens in theaters in the US. With it, Ridley Scott expands his legacy as one of the most visionary and challenging directors ever. He’s made game-changing films across several genres. With Prometheus, he returns to science-fiction but he’s never been limited by categories or expectations. Is Prometheus a sequel or prequel to Alien? What’s sure is that though Scott returns to worlds he introduced us to 30 years ago, he’s bound to show us something new.

Jim’s words summarize the feelings at RED®. We’re beyond excited to see Prometheus.