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RED Announces Authorized Dealer & Rental House Programs

January 14, 2015

RED Announces Authorized Dealer & Rental House Programs

RED recently unveiled new Authorized Dealer and Rental House programs, designed to further support our customers. As our global markets have expanded, so has the need to provide additional location options for the RED community.

Authorized Dealers were carefully selected to ensure that they are able to provide support in a variety of genres—including stills, cinema, broadcast, inflight videography, and television. With the addition of this program, customers now have more opportunities to experience hands-on product interactions and assistance.

The Authorized Rental House program includes over 80 worldwide locations spanning three continents, providing a consistent experience wherever customers shoot on RED. All locations have met the necessary requirements to become an Authorized Rental House—including a minimum inventory level of RED cameras as well as an in-house technical staff that have confirmed intimate knowledge and experience with RED product—ensuring that customers receive optimum service when choosing RED.

Be sure to check out the full listing of RED Authorized Dealers and Rental Houses on the Locations page.

Companies interested in joining the Authorized Dealer or Rental House network can submit a request with the Customer Service department on RED’s Support site.