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RED Collective: Andy Casagrande

August 26, 2015

RED Collective: Andy Casagrande

Harnessing his fascination with sharks, Andy Casagrande has made a name for himself as one of the top underwater cinematographers in the world. Andy has spent years capturing the most daring underwater shots of sharks in their native habitats—including what you see during the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Andy uses his work to not only show the grace and beauty of these often misunderstood animals, but also highlight an entire ecosystem that lays hidden below the surface.

For this profile in the RED Collective series, Andy shares what inspired him to become an underwater cinematographer and avid ocean conservationist.

Andy uses his EPIC DRAGON with the DSMC® H20 OLPF to shoot motion underwater. To see more of Andy’s work, be sure to visit ABC4FILM’s website.

Miami area residents have the opportunity to meet Andy at RED Miami in Wynwood on September 17th from 6PM to 8PM. Andy will be sharing best practices for shooting underwater and exhibiting his work. Seating is limited, register here.

Special thanks to Stuart Cove and staff for making this production possible.