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RED Collective: Ty Evans

October 20, 2016

RED Collective: Ty Evans

Ghost Digital Cinema founder, Ty Evans is a cinematographer/director known for pushing the boundaries of action sports filmmaking. Making a name for himself as a pioneer who incorporated high production value in skateboarding videos, Ty ultimately established himself as an innovator throughout the industry. From his earliest days taking pictures of friends skateboarding to capturing feature productions with professional cinema cameras, Ty learned everything he knows about image capture outside of a traditional classroom.

In this RED Collective profile, Ty reflects on how the principles of skateboarding played an integral role in furthering his career. Watch as Ty discusses how RED cameras put technology previously reserved for big-budget productions into the hands of shooters everywhere and ultimately fueled his drive to learn and improve within his craft.

Ty Evans uses his RED cameras to capture motion projects across the globe. Visit Ty’s Facebook page or Instagram account to catch more of Ty and his company’s work.