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RED Congratulates New Exposure Contest Finalists

July 15, 2012

New Exposure 2012

Vogue recently partnered with RED Digital Cinema® and Bottega Veneta to present the New Exposure Fashion Photography contest. Promising young fashion photographers submitted their work, all of which was shot using RED® DSMC® (Digital Motion and Stills Cameras) technology. Cinephotography® (acquiring still images from high-resolution motion capture) has evolved as a popular means for shooting fashion photography and each exhibition was a product of this new approach.

This event brought together many movers and shakers of the fashion industry, all who came to meet the 10 finalists and view their work at the famous Milk Gallery in New York. Members of the judging panel included Ivan Shaw (Photography Director, Vogue), Tomas Maier (Creative Director, Bottega Veneta) and RED®’s President Jarred Land.

An Le at New Exposure 2012

We would like to proudly congratulate the contest winner, An Le, and all of the talented finalists:

    Martine Pinnel
    BJ Formento
    David Benoliel
    Vera Comploj
    Tamar Levine
    John Michael Fulton
    Nick Heavican
    Rayan Ayash
    Stian Foss

An Le will receive an EPIC-X package, $10,000, a one-year mentorship with the photo agency Management Artists and the opportunity to shoot an exclusive Bottega Venetta special project. An’s portfolio will also be featured in New York. RED celebrates these innovative artists and looks forward to seeing them establish their presence in the world of fashion photography.

Check out the video below to discover more about the contest and selection process.

Enjoy the gallery of finalists and winners.