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DRAGON Captures the Excitement of the World Cup

July 02, 2014


Giles Harvey, DP, recently took his EPIC-M RED DRAGON (Carbon Fiber) to Brazil to shoot the titles for the BBC’s World Cup coverage. Mounting the CF RED DRAGON® on a MōVI, Harvey was able to navigate the alleys of the Rio favelas with ease as he captured footage of a young boy running with a miniature Neymar figure to the famous Maracanã Stadium—site of this year’s World Cup finals.

Harvey spoke about how shooting the entire sequence in 6K allowed for additional flexibility in post-production:

“Graham from GeeFX loved us shooting in such high resolution as it enabled him to work at 32-bit in After Effects. This enabled us to work at even greater detail and colour space while seeing the very best the camera had to offer.”

While the post-production experience was amplified by the RED DRAGON’s sensor capabilities, the CF RED DRAGON’s lightweight frame and durability has made it Harvey’s ideal choice for navigating the toughest scenarios—including the intricate alleyways of the favelas:

“I’ve used my camera from hanging out of a helicopter 4500m above the Eiger Mountain in temperatures 25 degrees below zero to working in the heat and confined spaces on the MōVI, I cannot think of a better camera I would use.”

To experience the final product in 4K, visit RED’s Shot on RED™ YouTube channel.