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RED Sponsors Sao Paulo Fashion Film Festival

November 15, 2012

RED® Sponsors Sao Paulo Fashion Film Festival

“RED® makes the only true “DSMC®” Digital Stills and Motion Cameras which allows the photographer to easily extract the perfect still from the motion footage. At 5K resolution, each frame is ready for a double-page spread or a billboard. RED teamed up with the Sao Paulo Fashion Film Festival to celebrate the top photographers in the fashion industry and their work.”

— Jarred Land, President, RED Digital Cinema

RED Digital Cinema® is proud to be a sponsor of the first annual Sao Paulo Fashion Film Festival. The festival aims to showcase and promote the best national and international works in fashion films. The SPFFF will also provide an environment where professionals can engage and exchange information on this new format. The festival runs on December 12 and 13th, 2012.

The winner of the Festival will receive an EPIC-M MONOCHROME.

Events at SPFFF include:

    Fashion films throughout the two-day event at the Brazilian Cinematheque in Sao Paulo
    Presentations by prominent Brazilian and international fashion and cinema industry professionals
    RED BOX, a collection of fashion films available for live viewing in the event hall
    Closing concert

The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2012.

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