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RED Partners with Surfer Magazine for REDirect Surf 2015

January 20, 2015

REDirect Surf 2015

Last year, RED teamed up with The Berrics to equip some of the most renowned filmmakers in skateboarding with the best cameras in the business. For this year’s REDirect® competition, RED has partnered with Surfer Magazine and selected 12 unique and talented filmmakers from the surfing community. For REDirect Surf 2015, each contestant will receive a full EPIC DRAGON camera package and compete to capture the best and most exciting footage in surfing.

RED Digital Cinema’s Jamin Jannard says:

“We are unbelievably excited to be rolling out the second series of REDirect with Surfer. The amount of talent in this competition is absolutely incredible, and we can’t wait to see what they do with DRAGON in their hands.”

Equipped with the 19 Megapixel, 6K RED DRAGON® camera—contestants will be responsible for every aspect of their project—from capturing footage to post-production. Filmmakers will also be supported by Lowepro’s new DryZone 200 waterproof and soft-sided camera backpack, G Technology’s G-RAID and new G-DOCK ev™ with Thunderbolt storage solution.

In the end, each contestant will be judged on a short film project for ‘Best Highlight Reel’, as well as their ‘Best Moment in Time’—a captivating still image pulled from motion footage. The Grand Prize winner will take home the EPIC DRAGON package they used during the competition—valued at over $50,000. Additional prizes will be awarded for second and third place, as well as the ‘Fan Favorite’.

Brendon Thomas, Editor-In-Chief of Surfer Magazine, also commented:

“We’re so excited to be partnering with RED to give the world’s best filmmakers a platform to showcase their talents, using the best equipment available. Surfer is known for the quality of its content and these 12 films, aired exclusively on and over a 3 month period, will continue that tradition.”

Stay tuned for the latest news and exclusive behind the scenes access of REDirect Surf 2015. And be sure to drop in on and from time to time for information on the contestants—as they capture some of the world’s best surfers and most epic waves.