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RED's Trek Into the Peruvian Rainforest

February 02, 2015

Jerome Dolbert takes RED EPIC-MYSTERIUM-X into the rainforest
RED EPIC MYSTERIUM-X®Photo Courtesy of Jérôme Dolbert and Naiade Pictures

Every day more of South America’s rainforests and wildlife disappear due to the effects of deforestation, gold mining, and mercury pollution—spurred on by global industrialization and other regional economic factors. To document and raise awareness about the irreversible damage occurring on a daily basis, Jérôme Dolbert of Naiade Pictures set out into remote areas of the Peruvian rainforest with an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X. He trekked into the rainforest by foot and canoe with the EPIC, a handful of Optimo lenses, and supporting camera equipment—weighing over 80 kg (176 lbs). Dolbert’s trip lasted 25 days and spanned over 700 kilometers (430 miles) of Peru’s untamed rainforest.

Creating the documentary was both challenging and dangerous for Dolbert—who has been directing, producing, writing, and editing for over 15 years. In a press release from Naiade Pictures he says,

“For this documentary, I wanted to bring back very impressive footage: go everywhere, to go in illegal, dangerous areas, where the mafia, often protected by police corruption, or by the local authorities, extracts wood or gold without any respect for the forest and local wildlife.”

In order to properly shed light on the tragedies facing the rainforest—and to best capture the scope and impact they are having—Dolbert needed a rugged, reliable camera that could meet the challenges of shooting in warm and damp environments.

“I wanted beautiful images. I was successful using the RED EPIC MYSTERIUM-X. I did all the shots in 5K with a 3:1 compression. The camera had a 512GB memory card, so I could shoot a total of 30 minutes on the same. The environment was very tough and hostile, with an average temperature of 37°C (95°F), with humidity at 80%. The camera worked perfectly in that environment. It was always ready to do the job even after carrying them several hours in the forest.”

The Rainforests are Under Threat premieres April 1st, 2015 at select theatres and venues. For more information, visit the documentary’s homepage at