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Scarlet-X Selected as Video Camera of the Year

December 27, 2012

SCARLET-X® Awarded

PDN (Photo District News) reviewed the latest gear releases and has recently awarded SCARLET-X® as the Video Camera of the Year. Being awarded the best “video” camera by a trusted trade publication for professional photographers shows how RED® continues to be at the forefront of the the movement that blurs the line between “still” and “motion” image capture. In fact, RED is still the first – and only – maker of a true “DSMC®™” Digital Stills and Motion Camera.

PDN Review:

“While calling the 4K-shooting RED SCARLET-Xs a mere ‘video camera’, is like calling a Lamborghini just a ‘car’, this digital cinema machine presented one of the best options for photographers interested in crossing over into serious filmmaking. Capable of producing mind-blowing 4K video that will put that 1080p you shot with your HD-DSLR to shame, the RED SCARLET-X offers the imaging power to make the leap from shooting HD clips to creating gorgeous feature films. Meanwhile, the free Redcine-X Pro® software lets you easily pull high-resolution stills from the video, if you find you still need those. But believe us, after shooting video that’s four times the resolution of HD with this rad-looking, small and rugged camera, you just may put still photography in the rearview mirror.”

View the full article here.

It is an honor to have PDN recognize RED’s mission to set the standard for image quality. We look forward to 2013 and making it another memorable year for image fidelity purists.