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Tyler Shields uses Stills from Motion to Create an Explosive Art Exhibit

February 10, 2015

Tyler Shields Stills from Motion

Tyler Shields has garnered a reputation as a provocative photographer who enjoys disrupting standard social conventions. That’s why it came as no surprise that when Shields took his 1976 Rolls Royce to the Mojave Desert—he blew it up.

Scheduled for a gallery exhibit only four days later, Shields needed his images shot and printed within 24 hours—so they could make it all the way from California to the Imitate Museum in London. Using an EPIC DRAGON, Shields was able to capture the entire sequence of the explosion and pull his desired stills from the footage within an hour. When asked about integrating the EPIC DRAGON into his photography workflow, Shields felt like the process was even faster and more seamless than he had anticipated.

“I don’t think it could have been easier, I am fortunate to have the new Mac Pro so to get everything in transcode colored and export took about an hour where in the past even with normal footage would have taken a day so now its even easier then its ever been…I had my stills pulled and resized with in 20 minutes of being home…”

Having one opportunity to get the perfect shot, Shields needed to ensure that every angle was covered.

“…pulling stills from video is something I have always wanted to do but as a photographer I have never been sold on the quality, so when I started speaking to my DP Ivan Rodrigues about how I was going to get multiple angles of the same shot there was no way with a still camera, the DRAGON was the only way to make it happen…"

While the EPIC DRAGON was able to capture the perfect shot in such a brief amount of time, REDCINE-X PRO’s workflow allowed the images to be printed within hours—providing Shields with ample time for the finished photographs to make it to the exhibition in London.

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