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EPIC DRAGON captures Volcom Pipe Pro 2015 for Live Webcast

February 19, 2015

John John Florence captured by EPIC DRAGON
John John Florence—2015 Volcom Pipe Pro Champion

UPDATE: Congratulations to North Shore local, John John Florence—this year’s Volcom Pipe Pro Champion. Mason Ho, Kelly Sater, and Sebastian Zietz also made it to the final heat, finishing behind Florence—who won his fourth Volcom Pipe Pro this year. If you weren’t able to tune into the live broadcast, you can find highlight reels and photos at Volcom Pipe Pro and World Surf League.

For a complete recap of each heat, visit the Volcom Pipe Pro Heat Analyzer. Be sure to check out Round 32, Heat 4 at 5:34:30 for a closer look at the RED 4K Broadcast System in action—and stay tuned for footage and updates from our REDirect® 2015 competitors.

January 27, 2015

The Volcom Pipe Pro is a qualifying series event on the World Surfing League (WSL) Tour with a 3,000 point purse. As the first opportunity of the year for competitors to earn qualifying points on the WSL Tour, the Volcom Pipe Pro attracts some the world’s best riders to the Banzai Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The 112 riders compete in four-man heats to conquer some of the planet’s most dangerous waves.

Like last year’s competition, the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro will be shot on the EPIC DRAGON. This is also the first time the REDCAST™ Module will be used to stream a live 1080p (Full HD) webcast. To broadcast the event, an SMPTE fiber cable connection will run from the broadcasting camera position to a truck on location—where the crew can manage the feed, apply color correction, and more—all with their existing infrastructure. The REDCAST Module is designed with the evolution of 4K broadcast in mind and integrates seamlessly with a growing number of control units and systems. It also simultaneously supports 4K and 1080p live feeds, while recording RAW 6K masters to your media.

In addition to the live webcast, the camera crew will have EPIC DRAGONs on the beach and in the water with competitors. They will capture footage throughout the event and a high-quality 4K highlight reel is anticipated once the action wraps up. What’s more—many of the REDirect® 2015 contestants will be at the Banzai Pipeline with their EPIC DRAGON kits—gathering motion and stills for the REDirect competition. With EPIC DRAGONs on land and in the water, the Volcom Pipe Pro is sure to bring some of the most exciting action and images in surfing.

Day 1 of the Volcom Pipe Pro is scheduled to begin Thursday, January 29th at 10:00am (HAST). Due to weather conditions and surf requirements, the exact time and date is subject to change. Learn more at the Volcom Pipe Pro Website and check out highlights from last year’s event on YouTube.

Stay tuned for updates and videos from the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro—shot on the EPIC DRAGON.