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RED 3-Axis Lens Control System featuring the Tactical Hand Controller        

RED lens accessories feature truly innovative technology that goes beyond just supporting your lens. Wireless lens control, motion mount technology, and modular matte boxes make up just a few of the advantages of using RED gear with your cinema or still lenses.

3-Axis Lens Control

The  RED 3-Axis Wireless Control System eliminates the need for a follow focus, giving you wireless focus, iris, and zoom control from up to 200ft (1600ft wired). Up to 3x lens motors can be controlled using a single T.H.C. device and will mount onto any 19mm or 15mm rail system. For PL mount or photo lenses (Canon, Nikon, Leica) outfitted with m 0.4 - m 0.8 pitch focus, iris or zoom rings, the 3-AXIS WIRELESS CONTROL SYSTEM is an out-of-the-box solution for complete lens control.

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RED LENS CONTROL MOTORS are high torque, low noise, and modular motors that meet rigorous benchmark requirements. Each motor includes an interchangeable quickclamp design, which allows you to laterally clamp on to 19mm or 15mm rail systems without having to slide off your rail accessories. The 300° pivot-and-lock 7-pin connector, pop-in lens gears (m 0.4 - m 0.8), and broad compatibility are just a few of the innovations that make this motor one-of-a-kind.

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The W.M.D. powers up to 3x lens control motors, as well as delivering wired control, start/stop and 3rd party expansion for the 3-axis system. Like all RED lens control products, the W.M.D. can be mounted without tools by using the v-lock system or captive ¼-20 screw. Setup the speed, torque, and motor type to create any custom lens control profile you need for your rig. You can power your W.M.D. using the 2-PIN 1B TO 2-PIN 0B CABLE (for use with QUICKPLATE MODULE and REDVOLT XL MODULE) or 2-PIN 1B TO 4-PIN XLR CABLE (8’) for 3rd party power. A standard MicroSD card can be used to load new firmware whenever updates are released.

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Control focus, iris, and zoom all using a single controller. The RED T.H.C. is a robust hand controller that delivers up to 200ft of reliable wireless signal for real-time lens control. (1600ft wired). Designed for smooth, precise lens control operation, the T.H.C. features a large, molded focus knob with a easy-to-see ring for marking. When using more than one controller (up to 3x), you can lock off focus, iris, or zoom controls to avoid conflicting signals.

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Lenses & Mounts

Your camera should never limit you from using the lenses you want to use. RED EPIC and SCARLET cameras use interchangeable lens mounts, which allow you to shoot using Canon, Nikon, Leica, and PL mount glass. Mounts are simple to remove and back focus never has to change. Attach your favorite mount and use your favorite glass – it’s that simple.


The RED MOTION MOUNT® delivers a tunable ND filter (ND 0.48-2.4), smoother pans, and artifact-free cyclical motion. Reduced or eliminated flicker with electronic displays are instantly noticed when using this mount, as well as improvements when shooting with strobes. Along with the features that already come with a RED DSMC LENS MOUNT, the motion mount effectively changes the way your EPIC or SCARLET records motion. Currently available for Canon EF and PL mount lenses.

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The DSMC LENS MOUNTS were designed to give you the most options when deciding which glass to use with your EPIC or SCARLET camera. Canon, Nikon, Leica, and PL mounts can be swapped in minutes without having to make any complicated adjustments. Electronic iris adjustments and lens communications can be shared between your RED camera and DSMC LENS MOUNT, making your shooting experience a seamless one – regardless of what glass you have mounted.

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RED lenses are a product of superior craftsmanship and optimized optics, producing crisp images that complement the high-resolution of  RED cameras.

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RED LENS SUPPORT slides on to 19mm and 15mm (Lighweight and Studio Offset) rails to support heavier, longer lenses. The center locking support allows horizontal travel of 2.5mm and vertical travel of 3.5mm for quick adjustments, while the locking mechanism is able to latch on to rails without interfering with your configuration. 

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Matte Box

The RED MATTE BOX is a lightweight, customizable accessory that can adapt to meet your needs. Choose between two or three filter trays, circular or 4x5, and even clip-on or rail mounted configurations. For flare protection, you can mount top, bottom, and side flags to keep unwanted light from hitting your lens.

Two or Three Stages

For lightweight setups you might just need two filters to be satisfied. But sometimes two filters isn’t enough to get the filtration you need. With the addition of the 3-STAGE MATTE BOX ADAPTOR, you can add an additional filter slot to your RED MATTE BOX without having to purchase an entirely new system.

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Filter Trays

The MATTE BOX FILTER TRAY (4x5.6) and ROTATING FILTER TRAY (138MM) allow you to securely lock in your desired filters for use with the RED MATTE BOX. When using a circular polarizer, the ROTATING FILTER TRAY (138MM) will lock the filter into place and slide into the RED MATTE BOX like a standard MATTE BOX FILTER TRAY (4x5.6). A thumbwheel at the top of the ROTATING FILTER TRAY (138MM) allows you to rotate the the filter inside of tray itself, without removing it from the RED PRO MATTE BOX.

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Mounting Options

Sometimes you might need a lightweight clip-on matte box and sometimes you might need a 19mm studio setup. The RED MATTE BOX is clip-on out of the box, but can be easily converted to slide onto a 19mm rail system using the MATTE BOX ROD SUPPORT.

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