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DSMC IR Pass OLPF (Color)

The DSMC® IR Pass OLPF (Color) is designed and optimized with the RED DRAGON® sensor to capture footage in both the visible and infrared spectrums. Use this OLPF (optical low-pass filter) in a compatible EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON® camera to create artistic and surreal footage at up to 6K resolution. In addition, the OLPF reduces high frequency image data, effectively removing the possibility for moiré and false color in footage.

The DSMC IR Pass OLPF (Color) ships in a protective case.

NOTE: The DSMC IR Pass OLPF (Color) is designed for use with standard color cameras. It is ONLY compatible with EPIC DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON cameras, NOT RED DRAGON MONOCHROME.

NOTE: The DSMC IR Pass OLPF (Color) requires that your DSMC is on firmware v5.3.33 or later.

IMPORTANT: Your EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON camera MUST BE compatible with the DSMC Interchangeable OLPF system to use this OLPF. Before you can use an interchangeable OLPF, you must send your BRAIN® in to RED® to be modified for the DSMC Interchangeable OLPF system. New EPIC DRAGONs and SCARLET DRAGONs, manufactured on or after October 3rd, 2014, ship with the interchangeable OLPF system and do not need to be sent to RED for this upgrade. For more information, check out our FAQ section.


  • EPIC/SCARLET Operation Guide – HTML / PDF

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