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The DSMC2™ H2O OLPF (optical low-pass filter) is engineered and optimized for use in underwater environments. Compatible with WEAPON® and SCARLET-W in waterproof housings, this OLPF captures optimal footage in aquatic applications.

This OLPF is developed to overcome the challenges of capturing underwater footage at varying depth and lighting levels. It is fine-tuned to produce the best colors in deeper water—where lighting conditions can vary tremendously. The DSMC2 H2O OLPF produces footage that is balanced across the color spectrum—regardless of depth—offering unmatched exposure performance and freedom for grading in post.

The DSMC2 H2O OLPF ships in a protective case.

NOTE: The DSMC2 H2O OLPF is ONLY compatible with 6K WEAPON® DRAGON and 5K SCARLET-W cameras.


SKU#: 790-0547



Regulated Item


Financing Available via SoCal Leasing
Applicable to US & Canadian Residents Only