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The RED ROCKET® enhances transcode and playback abilities of R3D files in various resolutions in real time speeds. It will drastically accelerate transcode times for still image sequences and video formats (e.g. QuickTime, DPX, etc) in all Rocket supporting applications. It provides real time, full quality playback, onto a 1080/2K/4K monitor or projector via DVI and HD-SDI through REDCINE-X. Multiple RED ROCKET® cards may be used in one system to boost system performance when working with R3D files.

Note: Using a RED ROCKET with a new Mac Pro (Late 2013 model or later) may interrupt audio playback and slow down data transfer rates for both Ethernet and Thunderbolt. These issues do not occur with earlier models of the Mac Pro.

  • Connect up to 6 RED ROCKET® cards in one system
  • Decode and playback R3D files realtime. Hyper-accelerated transcode to any system codec.
  • Quad DVI and Single/Dual Link HD-SDI
  • Plays full quality realtime to 4K monitor or projector from DVI or HD-SDI output (4K HD-SDI requires RED ROCKET® BREAKOUT BOX)
  • Plays full quality 2K/1080P out the HD-SDI and DVI output from RED Rocket card
  • Plays full quality realtime through system graphics card and monitor
  • For MAC or PC through REDCINE-X and other applications