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The REDRAY® PLAYER is the first plug-and-play friendly device capable of providing 4K content to 4K displays. With REDRAY, you can watch content at resolutions up to 4096×2160 on Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays. REDRAY plays content shot in 4K as well as content originally shot in HD and upscaled to 4K during post-production. REDRAY connects to a 4K display using 1x 1.4 HDMI output, and connects to an HD display using 1x 1.3 HDMI output. You can even connect to four HD displays to using 4x HDMI 1.3 outputs. REDRAY features an additional HDMI output for 5.1 channel audio. Use your REDRAY iPad app or included IR remote to control your REDRAY and connect to your content like never before.

Note: To convert your HD or 4K content to REDRAY compatible .RED files, REDCINE-X PRO and the RRENCODE plugin are required. 1x RRENCODE license with 5 seats is included with each REDRAY purchase.

Resolution Up to 4096 × 2160 pixels
Video File Format .RED (4K)
Playback Frame Rates 23.98 FPS
24 FPS
Audio File Format .RED
Audio Output Up to 5.1 channel LPCM, 24-bit 48 kHz
Supported Media SDHC memory card
USB 2.0 flash drive
Storage Capacity 1TB Internal SATA Drive
Bit-Depth (Color) YCbCr 8-bit 4:2:2
YCbCr 10-bit 4:2:2
YCbCr 12-bit 4:2:2
RGB 8-bit 4:4:4
Colorimetry ITU-R BT.709
Remote Control IR (for REDmote)
Wi-Fi/Ethernet (for REDcommand app)
Media Security REDCrypt™ digital media encryption
Output and Input Connectors* 4x HDMI 1.4
2x HDMI 1.3
1x SDHC memory card
1x USB 2.0 slot
1x USB/eSATA hybrid slot**
1x GigaBit Ethernet port
Dimensions Height: 2.2" (60 mm)
Width: 14.8" (380 mm)
Depth: 9.8" (250 mm)
Weight 5.9 lbs (2.7 kg)
Material Aluminum
Operating Temperature 0°C to + 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature –5°C to + 60°C (–20°F to 140°F)
Operating Humidity Range 0% to 85%, non-condensing
Storage Humidity Range 0% to 85%, non-condensing
Minimum Clearance 1.5" (1.25 cm) behind rear panel for fan exhaust
Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1A max. at 100 VAC