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SCARLET-W Package Case

The SCARLET-W Package Case is highly durable, impact resistant, and water resistant (IP67 rated)—providing advanced protection for your SCARLET-W camera package. This portable package case features a robust latching system and reinforced metal padlock holes to lock the case while in transit.

Outfitted with precision-cut foam compartments for your critical SCARLET-W components, the SCARLET-W Package Case provides protection and organization for your DSMC2 camera BRAIN®, DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD, RED MINI-MAG® media, handles, and more. With a retractable 2-stage rolling handle and smooth-glide wheels, as well as a spring loaded top carrying handle—it also offers protection and convenience whether you are on-set or on-the-go.

This case neatly holds the following components:
• 1x DSMC2 BRAIN with Integrated Media Bay and the following items attached:
    • DSMC Lens Mount
    • DSMC2 Jetpack Expander or DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
    • DSMC2 Sidekick or DSMC2 Sidekick Cover
• 1x DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD
• 1x DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
• 1x DSMC2 Universal Handle
• 3x DSMC2 OLPFs or 1x DSMC Battery Belt Clip
• 1x DSMC AC Power Adaptor 150W
• 1x RED TORX L-Key T20


SKU#: 790-0548



Regulated Item


Financing Available via SoCal Leasing
Applicable to US & Canadian Residents Only