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RED Apple Workflow Installer (Beta)

release history

Version 14.0.0


10.4 MB

Release Date:


Release Notes


Versions of the components inside:

  • FCPX Plugin: 1.19
  • Preference Panel: 2.16
  • Quicktime Codec: 6.7
  • Log and Transfer Plugin for FCP: 31.7
  • Color Plugin: 4.16

What’s New

  • Creative 3D LUT sidecar now gets applied properly if media imported is left in the original place. If copy to library is selected sidecar files need to be manually copied and RMD removed so it can be regenerated.
  • IPP2 clips will come in as Rec.2020 with HDR2084 if force Legacy is not set.
  • IPP2 clips forced to Legacy will import with Rec.2020 and HDR2084.
  • Legacy clips forced to IPP2 will have their default color space & gamma mapped to a valid IPP2 option on import.
  • In Forced IPP2 mode only IPP2 valid color space & gamma options are available when modifying REDRAW settings.
  • Revert to neutral will default to Rec.2020 and HDR2084 if forced IPP2 is on.
  • Fixed: OpenCL memory leak.
  • Fixed: Missing audio for incomplete DSMC clips.
  • Fixed: Regression issue in high frequency handling in IPP2 demosaic or when DEB is enabled in Legacy mode.

Note: FCPX does not currently support RED material above 6K resolution.
Note: REDROCKET support requires driver and firmware or higher.
Note: REDROCKET-X support requires driver and firmware or higher.
Note: QuickTime Player 7 is needed to play R3D QuickTime wrappers. Visit for more information.

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