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VERSION 7.4.0b1


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Release Notes

RANGER Beta Build v7.4.0b1 August, 28 2020

NOTE: Beta firmware is not recommended for use on commercial productions. It should be used for preview/testing purposes only.

NOTE: Download the latest versions of REDCINE-X PRO and the RED ROCKET Installer or the RED ROCKET-X Installer from


  • You cannot downgrade the camera to earlier than v7.2.1 after upgrading to v7.4.0b1.
  • Refer to for supported PL lenses.
  • Preset files created only on v4.0.x or later are compatible with v7.4.0b1.
  • It can take the camera up to 8.5 minutes to update firmware for the RED Touch 7" LCD. The LCD displays a progress screen during the update. If your camera loses power during the update, turn your camera back on. The LCD upgrade restarts. During the upgrade, the LCD is blank and the PWR/REC LEDs flash green.


  1. 1. Connect a RED MINI-MAG to your computer.

    NOTE: On Mac computers with REDCINE-X PRO installed, RED Watchdog mounts the SSD as Read-Only by default, which means that you are unable to write files (including firmware upgrade files) to the SSD. Change the Mount preference to Read-Write before attempting to copy firmware to the SSD.

  2. 2. Download the most recent firmware from
  3. 3. Unzip the firmware zip file.
  4. 4. Copy the force_upgrade folder and its contents to the top level of the SSD directory.
  5. 5. Eject or unmount the SSD, and then remove the SSD.
  6. 6. Ensure the camera is powered down.
  7. 7. Insert the SSD with the force_upgrade folder into your camera.
  8. 8. Power up the camera.

    The upgrade automatically runs at power up. During upgrade, the fans run at high speed and the PWR and REC LEDs flash green. After approximately 15 seconds, the LEDs stop flashing and the camera powers down. Nothing displays on the external monitors during the upgrade.

  9. 9. After the camera powers down, remove the SSD and wait 10 seconds.
  10. 10. Power up the camera.

    The camera may take 30 seconds or longer to upgrade all the attached modules. During this time the PWR and REC LEDs flash green and nothing displays on the external monitors.

  11. 11. Go to Menu > Settings > Maintenance > System Status > Camera Info and verify that the firmware version listed matches the firmware version that you downloaded.
  12. 12. Reformat the SSD before recording to it.


  • Added Zeiss/Fujinon shading commands support
  • Fixed intermittent media mounting issue
  • Fixed missing external metadata in R3D with no lens mount installed
  • Changed camera position character range to A-Z
  • Changed Output Tone Map default to Medium Contrast
  • Improved IPP2 to allow for LUTs with built-in output transforms
  • Improved color reproduction of daylight light sources


  • Perform sensor calibration after upgrade.
  • Refer to for the list of Known Issues.
  • Secure Format media before using Pre-Record.
  • The horizon feature requires Gyro calibration be completed prior to use.
  • Do not 3D sync when GEN ICON is not illuminated or yellow.
  • Image Magnify is available during preview only.
  • HD-SDI is True Progressive and does not support 1080i or 1080 PsF signal formats.

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