Get to know the core components of a RED camera, explore the features and best practices when shooting and editing footage, and how to prep for a shoot on the V-RAPTOR XL, V-RAPTOR, KOMODO, and DSMC2 systems.

The REDTECH series provides overviews of the RED products and features. Everything from camera basics to tips-and-tricks, post-production workflow, and much more.

Recorded episodes of RED’s live digital education series. The team deep-dives on topics ranging from new products to best practices when pulling stills from motions, understanding ISO and everything in-between. New episodes air live on RED’s YouTube channel.

For those looking for a more hands-on, personal, and robust experience. RED offers REDUCATION, our real-world training taught by the some of the industry’s best professionals or an approved third-party experience via The Filmmaker Institute.

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