While RED embraces third-parties developing both hardware and software solutions to offer a broader range of products to our mutual customers, RED does have a strict policy in place to protect RED, the third-party, and our customers. We have this policy to avoid potential misunderstandings when RED’s products, services or features might appear to be similar or identical to product development ideas submitted to RED or that RED has sanctioned or endorsed a product when that is not the case.

In the event that anyone desires non-publicly available information in order to develop third-party products, a third-party hardware development non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) must be in place. If information of any type is received in advance, it will be treated by RED as an Unsolicited Idea (see RED’s UNSOLICITEDIDEAPOLICY).

If you are interested in camera control or software integration kits, please visit RED’s developers section of for more information.

If you are interested in either non-public information on RED product (such as drawings, 3D models) or components, please see the below process:

• Email to request an NDA.
• Sign and return NDA. RED will send counter-signed NDA back to you for your records.
• You can submit your third-party hardware concept for review by RED.
RED will review and then determine if RED will provide the requested information or components for sale.
• If RED decides to provide the requested information or components, a separate Third-Party License Agreement is required. You must sign and return the Third-Party License Agreement prior to use of RED’s information and/or components.

By presenting your submission, you are not guaranteed that RED will accept your request for information.

By providing information or components under the terms of the Third-Party Development Policy, RED does not assume any liability as to the reliability, compatibility, or performance of the product developed by the third-party.