Announcing New RED Extended Warranty
April 1st, 2020


Adding the RED Extended Warranty to your purchases doesn’t only extend your warranty coverage period but also provides benefits such as Priority Repair, Expedited Shipping, and Premium Technical Support Directly from RED! Under Extended Warranty you will also have access to the RED RAPID REPLACEMENT Program. With this new program, you will never have to worry.

RED Extended Warranty is an optional 2-year warranty extension plan for a camera BRAIN®. You can purchase Extended Warranty at any point within your camera BRAIN's Standard Warranty period.

Each BRAIN is eligible for only one (1) Extended Warranty plan over the life of the BRAIN. For more information or to have Extended Warranty protection added to your camera, please Submit a Request to contact the RED Sales Team.

Extended Warranty is currently available for the following products:

ProductPrice (USD)Price (GBP)Price (EUR)Standard Warranty+ Extended Warranty Total
DSMC2 MONSTRO$2,850£2,2502,6002-years4 years total
DSMC2 HELIUM$1,850£1,450€1,7002-years4 years total
DSMC2 GEMINI$1,450£1,150€1,3502-years4 years total
DSMC2 DRAGON-X$1,050£850€9502-years4 years total
RANGER HELIUM$2,050£1,600€1,8502-years4 years total
RANGER GEMINI$1,850£1,450€1,7002-years4 years total


Add RED Extended Warranty to your purchase today and increase the warranty coverage period for your camera BRAIN. This also includes expedited warranty repairs, shipping to and from RED Headquarters covered for repairs. 

Extended Warranty is also transferable to new owners if completing a Transfer of Ownership with RED.

Under Extended Warranty you have access to the RED RAPID REPLACEMENT Program.

*This promo offers existing customers, who are into their 2nd year of warranty to take advantage of paying the standard pricing they would receive within their first year, instead of the markup price. Example: For a DSMC2 Gemini owner who is in within their second year of warranty, under this promo, instead of having to pay $1740 (the 20% markup) they can move forward with Extended Warranty for $1450. This promotion has been extended to June 30, 2020.

To Request Information on RED Extended Warranty Submit Request Here.-- Click Here