CES 2013: REDRAY in the headlines
January 14th, 2013

All week at CES in Las Vegas, RED displayed native 4K content using the REDRAY connected to an 84-inch Toshiba 4K panel at Toshiba's booth. We'd like to give a very public thank you to Kris Pygrocki one of RED's Bomb Squad customer service personnel who manned the Toshiba booth all day, all week. Kris introduced thousands of CES goers to the REDRAY's 4K delivery. Thank you, Kris.

In a sea of 4K displays, the question going around has been "Where's the content?" The REDRAY answers that question. Its ability to deliver true 4K content has not been missed:

Ars Technica: RED has a 4K player for the coming wave of Ultra HD TVs
"Here at CES, every TV maker is showing off massive 4K 'Ultra HD' TV sets. The high prices for this first wave of 4K TVs Sony's 84-inch set is a cool $25,000, for instance are going to make them strictly an early-adopter luxury for now. But digital cinema camera maker RED has the first consumer-ready solution for native 4K playback, perhaps solving the chicken-and-egg problem that threatened to plague adoption of 4K as a home entertainment standard."

Gizmodo: REDRAY Hands-On: A Giant Black Death Star Full of Beauty
"The only problem with 4K TV, other than being too expensive for anyone who isn't a Prince William, is that there's no good way to get 4K stuff to watch. Right? RED is selling a super-HD streaming box that says otherwise."

The Digital Bits: 4K Ultra HD, REDRAY and Autostereoscopic 3D News, Plus Final 2012 Home Video Industry Stats from CES 2013!
"However, one company that seems to be making efforts to address the 4K content problem head on (and actually had demonstration hardware on display at CES) is RED which already specializes in professional 4K camera and hard drive systems for theatrical film production and exhibition. They were showing their new REDRAY playback device at CES, which looks for all the world like a typical DVR. It was initially meant to be a full 4K playback device for use by independent filmmakers, but RED is gearing up to market the device to high-end home theater consumers as well."

FayerWayer: REDRAY 4K Cinema Player, un reproductor de pelculas en 4K
"Si hay algo con lo que los fabricantes de aparatos tecnolgicos han intentado llamar la atencin durante este CES 2013 han sido los televisores de Ultra Alta Definicin. Sin embargo, hay un peque_o problema: Pueden haber muchos modelos nuevos de gigantescos televisores de 4K, pero a_n la oferta de contenido en resoluciones de 3840_2160 es muy escasa."

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and spoke to our RED representatives there. We'll see you soon.