Elysium DI Colorist Talks 4K Finish and Big Picture
August 8th, 2013

Elysium, the upcoming film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, was shot using RED EPICs. Senior DI colorist Andrea Chlebak spoke to Studio Daily to talk about the film's 4K finish and image. With heavy CG elements and fight scenes that mixed live action with VFX, it was no simple task trying to integrate these worlds together. When it came down to the final image, Chlebak said:

"It was amazing on a huge screen - I'm quite impressed with RED at this point, and what they're able to do with their cameras."

4K finishing has now become more prevalent than ever, as productions begin to see the inevitable increase in 4K displays and projectors. Elysium is no exception, as they've ensured that they've mastered both for HD and IMAX in 4K.

"We were actually kind of surprised by the IMAX process, which really adds something I hadn't imagined to the film. The film experience and the organic quality of the grain at that size and that resolution - it's an exponential resolution jump, and yet it has that cinematic feel."

With yet another futuristic piece, Neill Blomkamp looks to captivate his audiences once again with sci-fi elements and an immersive IMAX experience. Andrea Chlebak feels good about the product and is looking forward to the premiere to cap off what has been a difficult, but rewarding DI experience on this film.

"There's something about sitting in a room to watch it with people who haven't seen the film. I like to do that every time I finish a film. There is a sense of closure and excitement."

Elysium opens in theaters on August 9th. Watch it in IMAX to see Blomkamp and Chlebak's work on full display.