La Jolla Fashion Film Festival -- Submission Extension for RED
June 4th, 2012

The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival is the First International Fashion Film Festival Founded in North America and the world's largest gathering of fashion film professionals. The best international fashion films will be shown in three different screening programs July 26, 27 & 28th in the world class theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla. Each night consists of about 20 short films. They've just announced an extension to their submission deadline to Thursday, June 14th for RED.

RED Digital Cinema's President Jarred Land explained the relationships between RED, fashion and the LJFFF:

"RED makes the only true "DSMC" Digital Stills and Motion Cameras which allows the photographer to simply extract the perfect still from the motion footage. At 5K resolution, each frame is ready for a double page spread or a billboard. With some of the top fashion photographers in the world shooting on RED for both their still and motion projects, an association with the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival was a no brainer."

Read the full submission guidelines and submit your film at