RED Collective: Mark Toia
October 22nd, 2015

Mark Toia's artistic talents began at a young age, with painting being one of his first hobbies. From the moment he first picked up a camera, Mark knew it was going to be the tool to take his creativity to the next level. Starting his career as an advertising photographer, Mark eventually transitioned to shooting for motion at his clients' request. Bringing his eye for photography and art to the small screen, Mark has become one of the most sought after commercial directors in the world. Mark's attention to detail and ownership of the entire acquisition process is apparent in his work, as every piece he shoots reflects his constant quest to "paint the perfect picture."

For the 10th episode in the RED Collective series, Mark shares how his motivation and dedication to perfection drove his ascent through both the photography and cinematography worlds.

Mark uses his EPIC DRAGON to shoot motion. To see more of his work, visit the Zoom Film & Television website.

*Shot in Queenstown, New Zealand with the all-new Leica Summilux C lenses from Queenstown Camera Company. Aerial cinematography captured using SHOTOVER systems provided by Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters.