RED DRAGON Lands in Europe
September 3rd, 2014

This September RED will attend IBC, Photokina, and Cinec to showcase the 6K motion and 19 megapixel still capabilities of the RED DRAGON sensor and other new RED innovations. From broadcast streaming to cinematography and photography, RED will highlight the full capabilities of the DSMC system—one camera for it all.

On September 12th RED returns to IBC in booth 10.A10. EPIC DRAGON will be paired with the REDCAST Module and the RED COMMAND PROTOCOL (R.C.P.) Bridge - a wireless module that allows apps to communicate with the DSMC through the R.C.P. Command Protocol—to demonstrate real-time streaming of live uncompressed 4K footage. On September 13th, starting at 10:00am, RED will be presenting at the Big Screen Theater. Experience the REDCAST Module's capabilities while simultaneously capturing 6K R3D RAW masters. Additionally, RED will be joined by the lead colorist from House of Cards, Laura Jans-Fazio, who will demonstrate the color grading and finishing process used to bring David Fincher's vision to the screen.

From September 16th through the 21st, RED will exhibit for the first time at Photokina. Located in hall 4.2 space C-018-D-017, RED will be hosting fashion shows to demonstrate the unmatched capabilities of stills-from-motion capture. Seminars will also be held throughout the day by high-end stills photographers discussing their commercial use of RED.

RED will make their last stop at Cinec, from September 21st through the 23rd. Located at booth II-C26, the 6K EPIC DRAGON and REDCAST Module will be joined by the R.C.P. Bridge. By interfacing with the RED 3-Axis Lens Control System's T.H.C. (Tactical Hand Controller), the R.C.P. Bridge allows shooters to remotely control camera focus and iris. The RED Switchblade-M, a slim and lightweight interface solution that mounts to the side of your EPIC or SCARLET, will also be on display.

Learn more about RED's presence at IBC, Photokina, and Cinec.