Where Can't An EPIC Go?
October 11th, 2011

A German effects company called OMSTUDIOS has built a remote controlled octocopter to fly a RED EPIC where human camera operators can't go. The drone can fly up to a height of 150 meters and has a range of around 100 meters. As OMSTUDIOS summarizes:

"The all-new OM-Copter allows to raise the RED EPIC to lofty heights without the limits of a crane or the prohibitive costs of an actual helicopter. As an intuitively remote-controlled drone, the OM-Copter makes spectacular shots at the highest quality and at a fraction of the previous costs possible."

We love seeing REDs change the way filmmakers can work.

We read the story on SlashGear who saw it on Engadget who remarked:

"Red Epic + Flying drone = The sort of geek math you can't help but wish you'd come up with yourself. "