RED Reliability and Extra Year Warranty Offer
June 3rd, 2024

From the biggest productions in the world, to the run-and-gun style shoots in the most remote areas imaginable, the most experienced filmmakers in the industry have always trusted RED.

And now that trust is even more warranted. The latest DSMC3 lineup- which includes the V-RAPTOR XL and V-RAPTOR platforms, along with the KOMODO line, have the lowest failure rates and fewest service requests of any overall RED camera system since the RED ONE was launched. The current lineup of cinema cameras doesn't just offer the most powerful, advanced, and versatile cinema camera performance on the market, but also RED's most reliable and durable ecosystem ever.

To stand behind that reliability, and provide even more confidence to new camera owners, for a limited time RED is offering one year of additional standard warranty coverage for free with any purchase of a V-RAPTOR XL [X], V-RAPTOR [X], or KOMODO-X camera. The promotion is available until 7/31/2024.

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