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REDCINE-X PRO: Overview of the Look Panel

April 14, 2012

This tutorial provides an overview of the grading tools within the look panel, along with how to store and apply these for streamlined post-production. For those new to grading, learn how each of the most commonly used tools work and when they’re useful. For those familiar with grading, learn how to make the most of the unique features and settings available with REDCINE-X.

Also see the tutorial: Intro to Grading with REDCINE-X for additional information.

Total length: 9 minutes.

REDCINE-X PRO® software is available for free and can be found here.
The grading tools segment discusses:

  • Choosing a color space and gamma combination
  • Color temperature and white balancing
  • ISO, FLUT, shadows and DRX sliders
  • Saturation, contrast, brightness & exposure sliders
  • Red, green and blue color channel sliders
  • Sharpness, denoise and detail sliders
  • Curves tool and curves presets

The managing looks segment (at 4:54) discusses:

  • Creating, storing and organizing look presets
  • Selectively applying presets
  • Importing and exporting presets
  • Toggling between and applying multiple looks with the look manager
  • Using thumbnail previews with look memories
  • Shortcuts and hotkeys for efficient use

Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for new topics. Stay tuned for more . . .