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Privacy Policy

RED’s privacy and security measures are designed with the strictest security inmind, so any personal information that you provide to RED is used for thepurpose of receiving RED communications and for personalizing and enhancingyour web experience with RED. RED’s privacy policy is outlined below and tellsyou how we collect personal information, what information we collect,howwe use it, to whom we will disclose it and how you can access, change andremove your information.


There are many ways that RED may obtaininformation from you: (1) via signup on any RED website(s); (2) from an online,email, retail, fax or telephone purchase; (3) from navigational informationabout where visitors go on our website; (4) when you enter any REDsweepstakes/giveaway; (5) any time you submit a business reply, product,orwarranty card; (6) when you sign up at an RED Store; (7) upon contacting customerservice to request RED communications; and (8) upon signing up atan event. This information may be collected by RED or by vendors/service providersretained by RED and obligated to maintain your personal information ina confidential manner.


When you register on-line to receive our productinformation, you will need to provide us with your name, address and emailaddress. When you make a purchase through RED’s website, you alsowill need to give us your telephone number and credit card number sowe can process your payment and contact you in the event of any problems withdelivery. If you contact our customer service department, you may needto provide us with additional information so that we can respond to yourquestions or concerns as completely and thoroughly as possible. In orderto provide users and subscribers with the most efficient and enhanced serviceand to better understand your preferences, we may request your gender,year of birth, sports of interest, shopping preference and product interest.Whether or not you provide this information is entirely up to you.We also may collect additional non-personally identifiable information(forexample, browser version, IP address) which will provide information regardingthe general use of our website. The navigational information allowsus to see which areas of our website are most visited and helps usimprove the quality of your online experience by recognizing and delivering moreof the most desired features and services.


All personal information that we obtain aboutyou will be recorded, used and protected by us in accordance with currentdata protection legislation and this privacy policy. By providing uswith your personal information, you consent to us processing this personal informationin one or more of the ways described in this privacy policy.We will primarilyuse your personal information to provide products and services toyou, for example:
  • To administer a contest, promotion, survey or other site feature and to provide you with the relevant products or services (for instance to deliver a prize you may have won in a contest).
  • To send you information/materials via email or mail about products, offers and news we think could interest you. This information may relate to products, offers and news of RED. We only send you this if you have opted-in to receive RED catalogs or email messages.
  • To analyze visits to the website and learn about the interests of our visitors in the aggregate and to better understand your personal interests and needs, so we can improve our products and services and deliver to you the type of content, features and promotions that you are most interested in.
  • The information obtained from registration on-line is utilized to improve your web experience with RED by enabling you to obtain a faster checkout for purchases and/or opt-in to receive occasional emails, which provide you with the latest and greatest information regarding RED and its products.
The information we ask for when you order on-line is used only to complete theorder, to confirm the order and to confirm shipment of the order. You may,upon placement of an order, opt to allow RED to save the information fora speedier checkout process the next time. This information is then storedonly for the purposes of faster checkout and is not used for any otherpurpose.


A cookie is a small removable data file that is stored by yourweb browser on your computer. Cookies are only used by RED to allow youto use RED’s web site in the most efficient manner. Cookies allow you toplace an order on our website and allow us to enhance and personalize youronline surfing and shopping experience. For example, we use cookies to:
  • Remember the items in your shopping basket
  • Recognize you when you return to our website
  • Analyze visitor behavior
You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sentor you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browsersettings. Please note, however, that by deleting our cookies or disablingfuture cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or featuresof our website. We also work with other companies who use tracking technologies,including web beacons, to serve ads on our behalf across the internet.These companies may collect non-personally identifiable information aboutyour visit to our website about your interaction with our communications,includingadvertising and emails. If you object to web beacons, we recommend thatyou follow the instructions for deleting existing cookies and disabling futurecookies. We will still know how many of our emails are opened and wewill automatically receive your IP address, a unique identifier for yourcomputer or other access device but we will not identify you as an individual.


RED will never sell any information aboutyou to anyone. We are part of a larger company and we may share information withour parent and affiliated companies. We engage third parties to perform servicesin connection with the operation of our business. Examples of theseservices include payment processing and authorization, fraud protection andcredit risk reduction, product customization, order fulfillment and shipping,marketing and promotional material distribution, website evaluation,dataanalysis and, where applicable, data cleansing. We may need to share personalinformation with these third parties so that they can perform theseservices, however, we limit the personal information that we give tothem and authorize them to use this information only for the purpose ofperforming those services. In proceeding with your online order, you agreethat both your name and address and those of the delivery name and address(if different) will be checked using third parties such as credit agencies.If you are providing a delivery name and address which is not yourown you must have that person’s permission to give us their personal informationand for us to use it for the purposes specified. By providing it youare saying you have their permission. We share aggregated demographic informationabout our user base with our agents, including agencies or third partyvendors so that they can provide marketing analysis and consult onadvertising strategies. This information does not identify individual users.We also may share non-personal information, such as the number of userswho visited the website during a specific time period or who purchased aspecific product through the website, with our marketing partners, advertisers andothers from time to time. This information generally is shared in an aggregatedform. We may release personal information if we believe in good faiththat: the law or legal process requires it; if we have been advised bycounsel; we have received a valid administrative request from a law enforcementagency; or such release is necessary to protect the rights,property orsafety of RED, or any of our respective affiliates, business partners,customers or others. As with any business, it is possible that asour business develops, we might go through a business transition, such asa merger, acquisition by another company, sale of all or a portion of ourassets or buying online stores or other assets. In such transactions,informationabout customers will likely be transferred. You will be notified viaa prominent notice on our site for 30 days of any such change in ownership orcontrol of your personal information. You will be deemed to have consented tothe transfer of your personally identifiable information to any such successorentity unless you notify us via email to the contrary within the 30day period. Personal information submitted to or collected through thiswebsite may be stored and/or processed in the United States, UnitedKingdom,Italy or Canada for the purposes described in this privacy policy.By usingRED products and services (including our website), you consent toany such transfer of information outside of your country. We do not share,sell or rent to other third parties any personal information that youprovide to us, except with your consent or as described in this PrivacyPolicy.


RED has a company policy not to flood people with email correspondence,butsimply to give you periodic information so you can stay up to date onwhat RED is offering. RED will send emails to you only if you ask for themand you can easily unsubscribe at any time you want by calling our customerservice department at (949) 206-7900 or by following the instructions containedin the email. RED also uses your email address to confirm your orderand to confirm shipment of your order and to respond to any inquiries youmake on-line. All emails you receive will provide you with information asto how to get off the email mailing list if you so desire.


If you would like to update your mailing information or wantyour name and address removed from RED’s direct mailing list you can giveus a call at (949) 206-7900.


If you are under 14, you should surf only withinvolvement of a parent or guardian. Although RED does not specifically directits website, catalogs or emails to children, RED strives to provide childrenwith as much customer service as possible without violating their privacyrights. For their protection, RED asks that anyone under 14 years ofage not attempt to register with RED or otherwise provide RED with any personalinformation without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.


RED will provide you with access tothe personal information you provided to RED by allowing you to view,updateor correct your information. In order to protect your privacy, RED takessteps to verify your identity before granting you access to the private informationor enabling you to make corrections. RED will accomplish this throughthe use of passwords and personal data. If you want to find out whatpersonal information RED holds about you, please contact our customer servicedepartment at (949) 206-7900. We may charge you a small fee for providingthis information.


Our web site’s bunker security system is armed with a sentry systemto monitor activity and prevent any unauthorized disclosure of credit cardnumbers or other personal information. In addition, we utilize a licensed systemfor credit card authorization and fraud detection. We use industry standardSSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect the confidentiality ofyour personal information.


You may request to stop receiving communications fromRED at any time. You can choose to cancel emails only, snail mail onlyor both by calling our customer service department at (949) 206-7900.Also,all emails you receive will provide you with information as to how toget off the email mailing list if you so desire. It takes some time toput opt outs in effect so you may still receive catalogs or emails fromREDfor several weeks after your request is received. You may also requestto opt out of RED retaining your personal data by calling our customer servicedepartment at (949) 206-7900.


Please review the site periodically tosee any updates to the information provided here. This privacy policy waslast updated on July 29, 2013.