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REDucation with RED Digital Cinema

RED Digital Cinema is taking the next step in the evolution of our various education efforts with REDucation. The goal of this effort is fully immersive, hands-on, practical training and teaching of the EPIC (MYSTERIUM-X and DRAGON) and SCARLET camera systems for both on set practices and post production practices.

This is real-world training – taught by working professionals, for working professionals and those looking to work in the field of Digital Cinematography and Ultra High Resolution Post Production.

In Los Angeles, the 3-day REDucation class is followed by an additional 2-day special track class to encompass a full week of RED training, all with your focus in mind.


Led by a team of RED professionals.
Time of classes: Monday - Wednesday, 9am-6pm

The 3-day REDucation class focuses on hands-on learning with RED Digital Cinema camera packages. Learn, shoot and review 4K footage on the big screen each day.

REDucation's core course covers:

  • EPIC (MYSTERIUM-X and DRAGON) and SCARLET camera build up and check out - the rental house experience with monitoring, lens choices, and testing equipment
  • A complete overview of the camera menus and options
  • Exposure dynamics - Shooting RED in low light, high contrast, and daylight exterior
  • On-set RED experience - DIT, dailies, 3rd party recorders and carts
  • Two shooting exercises emphasizing hands-on time with RED cameras and accessories
  • Science of RED - Bayer pattern, resolution, codec choices, wavelets and color science
  • Workflow - Post house and DIT overview, archival, editing and grading options
  • Screening of 4K footage from RED and Students, and short films from the SHOT ON RED Film Festival
  • Production Audio - Double system sound, top hardware choices, and time code
  • HDRx, Stills, and Motion - In depth shooting exercises
  • Data Dynamics - Management, archiving, data rates, hardware options


2-day extension classes are held at REDucation events in Los Angeles, California. Attendees must have completed the 3-day REDucation class (detailed above) as a prerequisite. 


Put your acquired REDucation knowledge to the test! This two-day extension allows for learning RED workflow through practical application. In a matter of 48hours, small groups will work alongside actors and RED specialists to produce a short script for presentation through the following exercises:

  • Production – Lighting, sound, and performance. Basic on-set practices covered in order to best utilize the EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and EPIC DRAGON cameras for capturing performance.
  • Post-Production – Native R3D/4K workflow, edited in Adobe Premiere, color graded in SpeedGrade and REDCINE-X.
  • Presentation – Deliver the final film for a 4K projection onto a full theatrical movie screen.

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