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Leveraging the award-winning 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, WEAPON is engineered from the ground up to deliver cutting-edge performance in the most intuitive camera experience possible. WEAPON boasts an arsenal of improvements and features that include an intelligent OLPF system, blazing fast data transfer rates up to 300 MB/s, in-camera 1D and 3D-LUT outputs, and the freedom to simultaneously record in REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes file formats. Carbon Fiber WEAPON owners also have the option to upgrade their current 6K sensor to 8K when it becomes available.


EPIC DRAGON uses the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor to provide shooters with a flexible solution for both stills and motion capture. Capturing at images at over 19 MP, EPIC DRAGON provides the same resolution you would expect from a DSLR. Additionally, EPIC DRAGON provides shooters with real-time high dynamic range monitoring and live 4K streaming options when paired with the REDCAST™ Module.

EPIC DRAGON (CARBON FIBER) is a construction option made completely from ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and magnesium, shaving off over one full pound of total weight compared to a standard aluminum EPIC DRAGON with Titanium PL Mount.


The SCARLET DRAGON® combines versatility and portability with the unrivaled power of the 19 megapixel RED DRAGON sensor. Capture motion video and still images at 6K resolution from 1–12 frames per second, or up to 48 frames per second at 5K. Its 16.5+ stops of dynamic range give the SCARLET DRAGON the advantage in challenging lighting, while its durable aluminum body ensures that the DSMC holds up in extreme shooting conditions.


RED RAVEN harnesses a 4K RED DRAGON sensor—with REDCODE RAW (R3D) recording capabilities in 4K at up to 120 fps and in 2K at up to 240 fps—to provide cinema-quality creative tools to content creators everywhere. Weighing in at just 3.5 lbs, RED RAVEN gives you the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance. Whether shooting for documentaries, online content creation, indie filmmaking, or with drones and gimbals—RED RAVEN’s durable, lightweight construction is ideal for any situation.


Boasting 5K resolution, six times the resolution of HD video, and up to 120 frame per second shooting rates, in a package small enough to be handheld and at a fraction of the cost of anything that it competes with, EPIC is the motion picture camera of the future. EPIC MYSTERIUM-X represents the culmination of an effort to produce the world's best camera, as at home in the still photographer's world as it is in the motion picture world. Based on the concept of DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera) EPIC provides a camera with a 14MP sensor capable of shooting from one frame to 120 frames per second. Blurred forever is the line dividing still and motion.


With an array of features ranging from HDRx to interchangeable Canon EF/PL mounts, SCARLET’s compact design and price point represents a democratization of superlative imaging technology for cinema and photo professionals. SCARLET-X takes advantage of the cutting-edge ability to capture photos and motion simultaneously, using DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera) technology to enhance productivity in the field. SCARLET has arrived as the next generation of imaging innovation, bringing quality and accessibility to light for all those in the film and photography industry. 


Optimized for the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, this product is designed to accelerate the process of your R3D workflow, regardless of resolution. Using Dual DisplayPort + Dual HD-SDI 1.5G/3G for video output, RED ROCKET-X provides real time 4K playback directly to your 4K display or projector. 


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