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David Fincher Shoots Gone Girl Entirely in 6K

October 01, 2014

Gone Girl 4K Trailer

Known for pushing boundaries in filmmaking, David Fincher often uses RED camera systems to take his productions beyond industry standards. Using an EPIC DRAGON, Fincher shot his newest film, Gone Girl, entirely in 6K—a filmmaking first.

In an article on HDVideoPro, Director of Photography Jeff Cronenweth spoke about Fincher’s—and his own—long relationship with RED:

“We’re big admirers of their progressive technology—they’re constantly seeking feedback and incorporating those ideas into reality, so their cutting-edge technology continues to remain streets ahead of the game.”

Among the first to receive an EPIC DRAGON, Fincher immediately set out to start shooting Gone Girl on it. Said Cronenweth:

“When the new DRAGON was ready, we shot tests…and were beyond impressed. We could shoot 6K, a first for a movie.”

Shooting in 6K gave Cronenweth unrivaled flexibility by allowing him to frame for 5K – leaving plenty of room for stabilization and repositioning – while staying above standard consumer delivery formats. The RED DRAGON sensor’s improved color science also allowed Cronenweth to seamlessly pull richer colors and details from the highlights and shadows of Gone Girl’s various settings.

Cronenweth was also impressed by the durability of the EPIC DRAGON:

“All the new equipment worked like a dream…we were shooting in the Midwest in August, with extreme heat and humidity, but neither proved to be any sort of problem. The DRAGONs performed flawlessly right out of the box.”

Gone Girl provides a tangible glimpse into the 6K functionality of EPIC DRAGON, representing a cinematographic first along the way. Gone Girl is in theaters October 3rd.