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RED Announces Enhanced Apple Workflow

April 13, 2015

RED Announces Enhanced Apple Workflow

RED is pleased to announce that we are now incorporating the Apple ProRes codec into the RED workflow. One of the most popular video formats used in post production, ProRes codecs offer a high quality intermediate for editing and grading footage at up to 6K resolution.

Integrated into both firmware and software solutions, RED shooters now have even more options for streamlined editing and export processes on both Mac and PC.

Apple Workflow Installer

Edit your R3D footage faster than ever with the RED GPU acceleration for Final Cut Pro X, enhanced workflow and speeds are at your fingertips.

Download the most recent version of the Apple Workflow Installer to harness a streamlined workflow.

Onboard ProRes Recording

Users shooting on WEAPON® are able to simultaneously record in ProRes and R3D® formats. Coupling the enhanced read/write speeds of the new 1TB RED MINI-MAG® with the enhanced workflow of ProRes makes recording and editing high resolution footage easier than ever.

Visit the WEAPON page to learn more about features and tech specs.


The latest Beta version of REDCINE-X PRO® includes native ProRes support for all system types. Users will now be able to perform ProRes exports on Windows machines, faster exports on Mac OS X, and support for ProRes 4444 XQ.

Download the Beta Version of REDCINE-X PRO for an enhanced post production experience.