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TransWorld SURF's SCARLET Video Sequence Cover

December 12, 2012

Chris Coté and John John Florence talk about the latest cover for TransWorld SURF shot on SCARLET®.

TransWorld SURF magazine makes history with the first major surf magazine cover taken from a digital cinema camera — a RED® SCARLET to be precise. The cover features a sequence of images of World Tour surfer John John Florence. The stills were taken from footage shot for John John’s movie Done shot by Blake Kueny and the cover showcases the article “John John Florence Jumps Off a Cliff” in the magazine.

Editor Case Koteen said this about the cover:

“TransWorld SURF has continually led the way in the progression of photography, and we’re proud to deliver another surf world first. We’re stoked to have one of the best airs of John’s life on the cover, and to document his incredible rise as the best surfer on the planet.”

And RED’s Jarred Land adds:

“We are extremely excited that TransWorld SURF showcased a sequence of stills pulled out of motion footage shot on a RED SCARLET. TransWorld SURF’s progressive attitude continues to blur the line between stills and motion, forever changing the world of still photography.”

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